The Soul for Innovation and Growth has begun … Innovative Technology Advice · Consultancy (Synthesis)

SEUL, South Korea – Innovation Growth Committee to formulate, coordinate and advise Seoul's future innovation policy.

According to the Soul City Council in Seoul on 21st, the first meeting of the Innovation and Growth Committee was held at the 8th floor of the applicant's office at 8am in the meeting room.

The Committee for Innovation Growth was created in response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution era in order to gain expertise in formulating and coordinating policies and plans needed for the growth of Seoul's economy. It was manufactured in accordance with the "Decree on Promotion of Future Innovative Technologies", which was announced in January. Park Won – Early, Mayor of Seoul and Commissar of the Committee are co-chair of the market.

The Seoul Innovation and Growth Commission consists of 17 former members, including the Mayor, the Director of the Economic Support Department, the Director General of the Seoul Development Agency and Chairman of the Seoul Digital Foundation, as well as the 13 nuclear experts appointed by the Mayor of Seoul. The term is two years.

In particular, experts recognized in the field of innovative technologies associated with the 4th Industrial Revolution will have members with expertise and field experience who have set up IT companies or developed business enterprises through innovative technological development.

Chairman of the Korean Block Chain, Kyungsoo Lee, Professor of Mechanical and Aviation Engineer at Seoul National Univ., Professor Kim Sang Heon Naver Management Advisor, Yoon Soo Lee, President of the Korea Women Venture Association (Smart City) and Professor Lee Byung-hun of Kwangwoon University (Industry-academy).

Yoon Hye-jung, KT Big Data Business CEO, Kim Yi-Sik, former co-founder of Balance Hero (Big Data), Lee Seung-kun, Vivari Publica CEO (Pin Tech).

Chairman of the Committee on Innovation and Growth was Chairman of the Chin Daeje Association of Korea Block Chain Association,

Seoul Court of Innovation and Growth ▲ ▲ Establish and coordinate key policies and plans to support future innovative technologies ▲ Develop innovation in science and technology and workforce ▲ Test development to support future innovative technologies ▲ Support R & D, Future Innovative Technology plays role, such as planning, evaluation, consulting on a corporate scale, discussing public demonstrations.

There will be small-scale meetings and a social gathering where information on innovative technologies and human networks can be shared.

Park said: "The Seoul Innovation and Growth Commission is the first step in public administration that creates an environment in which Soul can become a test bed for Korean innovation growth and promote future growth engines, and will act as a center for an innovative ecosystem that can influence."

"We need a breakthrough for our economically troubled economy, I think there are many ways to do it, but innovation is one of them," he said. "There are a lot of people who have achieved excellent success in various areas such as semiconductors and pin-hoping to overcome the difficulties and make the vitality of Seoul."

"I'm afraid I can play," Jin said. "I have a great deal of pressure to ask the President to do it.

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