Woo Sang-ho "Ian Gwang," kyung migrants … "

(Photo: Yonhap News)
[이데일리 이재길 기자] Woo Sang-ho In addition, a member of the Democratic Party has called for a "Lee Kyu-ryu", the legislator of the future, who daily walks through the "right-hand walk" every day.

Wu said 16. "It's a serious intention to move the party and the district, because it's hard to be elected another in the local Gwangmyeong district," Kim Joon-joon, the intelligence factory, told reporters.

"If you want to go for a free Korean side, you will go to the free Korean side over the right side," he says. "There are migratory birds that usually go directly, and migratory birds pass by them, just a lecture at the Korean Youth Committee."

Wu denied that Lee's visit to Busan Yongdo-gua was negative and said: "Youngdo is on the beach but not a migratory bird."

Wu replied: "This is the left, who best told me about the economic democratization of our country when I was representing the party." When he went through the budget, "I felt better than a movement like me," but suddenly I went on the way of the conservatives, would that make sense? "

"The former Geun-hye leader is also a leader at the time of his indictment, and he is now trying to get to that side."

"When we move around the usual place for rice, we move quietly," he said. "You should not be so proud of moving, I do not want to leave it."

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