Atis Ievins sings brothers and sisters / Diena on the centenary of the year

"As I have my birthday today on November 12, it seemed to me a good idea to give my countries and nations their gift and to predict the 100th anniversary of the Latvian state – and that's a song," says the singer, adding that the main idea of ​​the new composition is , that despite these difficulties, only together and only in our country, we can create the ground for a happy life. "We are essentially brothers and sisters, and the song is also about unity," says Atis Ievins, who was known as a group COLT soloist, but recently started solo.

Kaspars Pļavnieks (percussion instruments), Jānis Čubars (guitar), composer and arranger Atis Ieviņš (bass, vocal and acoustic guitar) participated on the track. Atis Ievins is also the author of new songwriting.

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