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Dāvis Bertāns spent 26 minutes in the field with 19 points (1p 3/3, 2p 2/3, 3p 4/7) with very good accuracy. It was Bertovan's most remarkable game this season. It also has four ornaments, one result and one captured ball, as well as one blocked shot, on his account tonight. Bertan also has three notes, but his +/- score was +4.

Davis Bertan did not start the match, because although Pau Gasol and Ruddy Gay did not play, the first game of the season was played by Derrick White, who was injured. Short start Spurs failed, and after four minutes Heat got 15: 4, Greg Popovich immediately replaced the starter and Bertani in the field.

Bertan did not defeat his first shot but then broke out with blocked opponent's center Hasan Vaisaid. At the end of the first quarter Bertan threw a long shot, helped "Spurs" tune up to 20:27. Then Bertan returned to half-time when he crossed the penalty over the entire distance and also realized the penalty and won four points in one attack. Bertan also made a spell in the last half-time attack on Spurs, but this time he made a mistake and "Heat" led the lead in 50:42.

In the second half of the year, Spurs was almost ten times incarnated. Bertan's third quarter was on two precision strings from the bottom of the basket, while in the fourth quarter he returned the hopes of the Spurs team when Sanantonio reached eighteenth place while Bertan made a 6: 0 lead for two consecutive. The new "Spurs" team, Brin Forbs, played successfully at the end of the game, with the four points progressing 88:93, but at the last moment the Spurs could not and did not finish the game and lost 88:95.

Bertan was the second most successful "Spurs", 20 points captured Petite Miles, who needed 22 goals from the game to reach this limit. 18 points behind Demar Derouzen, but also helped with 14 rebounds and eight drawings while Lambrck Aldridge made a hard fight with Witness, only won six points (2/14 goals), but Aldridge successfully went under the trash and gathered 16 strikes of the bomb

Heat was Wyatt's undamaged who scored 29 points, gathered 20 strokes and blocked nine Spurs players and stayed very close to the impressive triple double. "Heat" won, despite the fact that their leading players were behind their wounds – neither Goran Dragic nor Dvina Type played, but Wayne Ellington was six miles away.

"Heat" (5-5) – "Spurs" (6-4) 95:88

(27:20, 23:22, 25:22, 20:24)
Heat: White House 29 (20 units, 9 blocks), Ellington 20, Winslow 16, Richardson 14, T. Johnson 9, McGuuder 4 (10 ref.), Adebajo 2, Olinick 1, Jones.
Challenges: Miles 20, Bertan 19, Derouzens 18 (14 rev.b., 8 episodes), Forbs 12, Belinelli 8, Aldridge 6 (16th floor), Peltls 3, Kaninhems 2, White, Pondeksters.

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