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Bordan, at a press conference after a meeting of potential partners, however, has delayed disclosing a possible division of responsibilities within the government. It will do so when the parties arrive "close to the solution."

Bordan said he offered partners to respect the principle of proportionality. This means that each party will have three seats in government, with the exception of the "New Unity", which would have two areas of responsibility. Politik added that the division of ministries should also take into account the role of President Saeima.

Partners are also invited to appoint potential ministers, but they have not done so, but "Development / About!" also did not mention possible areas of responsibility.

Politicians from other political forces also said that there is currently no agreement on division of ministries. JKP has already said it wants to manage the Treasury and the Interior Ministry. It was also said that JKP could lead the Ministry of Education and Science.

Among the candidates for the Minister of Finance, Bordan mentioned the policies of Gati Eglīte and Krišjānis Feldmanis and Juta Strīke and Juris Jurasas, candidates for the Interior Minister. According to information available to LETA, Anita Muizniece is appointed Minister of Education and Science at JKP.

"KPV LV" could offer to serve as the Minister of Agriculture, the Minister of Economy and the Minister of Transport. Perhaps the party should have the seat of President Saeima in the Bureau, which should be left to Inese Lībiņa-Egnerei (JV) in this case.

"For development / o!" could be responsible for the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Care and the Ministry of Environment and Regional Development.

VL-TB / LNNK in the new government could be entrusted with continuing the oversight of the Ministry of Culture and the status of the Minister of Defense. Political forces are to be offered by two ministries, because the national association also has a Saeima office.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs could continue to lead Edgar Rinkevičius (JV) and the "New Unity" could assume responsibility for the Ministry of Justice.

As mentioned, five political forces are currently involved in government-led talks – JKP, KPV LV, Development / Par !, National Unity and New Unity. For the time being, Bordan and his potential government only supported KPV LV, while "New Unity" would be ready to support it under several conditions.

Krišjānis Kārins, the head of the New Unity, said before LETA that the "New Unity" could support the Bordana government if it had clear support for the parliamentary majority, and all the partners agreed on the work to be done. Similarly, the government of the "New Unity" would like to take over at least two areas. Bordan assesses the government's work plan "New Unity" is a good start for further negotiations, but sees it as a "JKP election document, not a professional government planning tool".

The other political parties involved in the talks have yet to express a clear position on the possible support of the Bordan government.

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