Central Milk Pavilion Market close at the end of November / Article / LSM.LV

JSC Riga Central Market plans to terminate all existing leases on the Central Market Dairy pavilion on November 30th to inform the company.

The central market in Riga suggests that the renovated pavilion of Gastronomy will soon be open, with a dining room with over 30 different cultures available. AS "Rīgas Centrāltirgus" continues its renovation work and plans to close all existing leases on the Central Milk Market Pavilion on 30 November.

Upon termination of contracts, "Riga Central Market" invites all rentals willing to ask for free points in one of the other pavilions.


The gastronomy pavilion, which closed the central market in Riga in autumn 2016 and which promised to open on March 8 last year, could only be available to buyers in autumn. Until now, the pavilion has only reinforced structures, just like pouring new concrete floors. A few days ago, she launched a second contest on the market. They include the purchase, installation and maintenance of commercial furniture and cold storage warehouses.

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