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Eighteen-year-old Potapova suppresses Sevastov and drives Latvian in the first round

Latvian tennis player Anastasia Sevastov suffered an unexpected loss in Tuesday's first round of Prague International, confirming the dominance of 18-year-old Anastasia Potapova 6-2, 3-6, 2-6.

Sevastov started the game with his favorite state. Latvian allowed his opponent to get only four points for his opponent, while Potapova lost his luck at his second service. The result is a natural victory in the first set with 6-2.

However, the game races were unexpectedly lost when Potapenko took the lead at 40: 0, Sevastov showed his second series in the second series. The Russians broke Liepaja's servants, just as they managed to reach 3-1 in the set despite 40:40.

Sevastov sometimes had doubts about the result of the duel, but Potapenko started playing with Latvian strength and Sevastov was no longer blessed with the first filing. After two sets, the result was 6-2, 3-6 and the solution was to wait for the third set.

The Latvian tennis player has not yet shown signs of trust. The tennis players swapped the broken wards three times in succession, but two of them were in favor of Potapen.

As a result, eighteen-year-old Russian won his first career in tennis for the first time in his career. Sevastov, who was killed in this tournament with a second number but after the first issue of Caroline Pleshkov, was ranked among the top-ranked tennis players, unexpectedly from the Prague race.

Delfi has offered live broadcasting of the game with detailed events.


Game statistics. Potapov against Sevastov:

Third set of statistics. Potapov against Sevastov:

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 6-2, 3-6, 2-6 Two weak litters on the net, 0:30. Potapova has been struggling with Sevast's pressure for a long time until the ball touches the net in the morning from the Lithuanian. This allows Potapo to position himself and send a deadly blow. Three balls for the opponent. Used before.

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 6-2, 3-6, 2-5 Two mockings with Potap's overcrowding and very strong strikes, Potapova 30: 0. Potapova at 40: 0 feels a strange, sharp shot from the end line. The very long false ending ends with a complicated falling ball for the opponent. He pulls him out of balance and makes him make a mistake, Potap 40:30. Sevastov is mistaken and the opponent will no longer act only as the greatest victory in his career.

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 6-2, 3-6, 2-4Sevastov cold with rival, 40: 0. Lightning strike.

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 6-2, 3-6, 1-4Potapova 30: 0. Sevastov no longer believes in themselves. Potapova makes a mistake and suddenly has a 30:40 bomb in Sevast. Not used. Potap's strikes a ball that is inaccessible to Liepaja, dominated by Potapova. Sevastov retreats, playing far from the last line, but finally gets a short cut.

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 6-2, 3-6, 1-3. Potapova broke Sevast's servant again. Very inaccurate and short strike, 0:30. Sevastov plays the first bomb, but the second fails. A bug in the strike and again lost its service.

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 6-2, 3-6, 1-2. Sevastov breaks Potap's serviPotapova is in a great position on the network, fortunately for a mistake. This gives Sevastov two breakballs at 15:40. Potapova could "burn" a bit in this genius and quickly return the point.

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 6-2, 3-6, 0-2. Sevastov's service hit is interrupted towards Potapus, which drives the body's movement and hits the ball in the unexpected direction of Sevast at 3:30 pm. Retina, 15:40. He played the first break ball, 30:40. Eiss turns into an inaccurate service on Potap's wish to look at the ball. The Russian woman is mistaken for a risky blow, then 40:40. Potapova is unable to resist Sevastov's slavery, most Latvians. Opponent emotionally looks much better, but also negative in terms of lost points. Tennis players play for such an important request. Predominantly Potapova after a great blow in low reflection. Sevast still loses control of the game.

Anastasia Sevastov – Anastasia Potapova 6-2, 3-6, 0-1Potapova stops in the middle of unintelligible reasons. Sevastov hits the field, but in any case it is over. Potapova took over the game with a beautiful performance, Potapova 30: 0. Gays "one gate" …

Second set statistics. Potapov against Sevastov:

Anastasia Sevastova Anastasia Potapova 6-2, 3-6. Potapova wins second set Sivanova no longer gives up his first service, most of them fly inaccurately. This is also happening in the first game of this genius. Potapova plays great and approaches "theft" of the second set, Sevast 0:15. This time the Russian also reads Sevast's short strike and hits him across the square at 0:30 in Sevastia. Liepājniece completely lost the meaning of the game. Potapova three setbombs! First flying in the car after a risky shot, 15:40. It's also happening to the other, 30:40. Finally, the better it serves first, but the lady loses the same.

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 6-2, 3-5Sevastova keeps track of the dangerous defeats of Potapov, shoots a seemingly accurate and playable final shot. The point at Potapus 15: 0 ended, Sevastova closed it with a short shot, 15:15. Potapus shows anger at the lost point, 15:30. Potapova recounts Sevastov in the last game.

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 6-2, 3-4This family is more like the first set, 40: 0. Potapova makes a beautiful strike along the side line and hits Sevastov, 40:15. Elegant gremde after closing the bandage.

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 6-2, 2-4Potapova in a risky moment trying to shorten the look that gave the impression of joy, Potapova 0:30. Liepājniece is twice wrong, 30:30. The stroke is again low, accompanied by the scream of Sevast, Potapova 40:30. Excellent Russian serve, which Lithuanian is not able to pick up cleanly.

Anastasia Sevastov – Anastasia Potapova 6-2, 2-3Potapova will not reach Sevast's cleverness, 30:15. The Russian responds similarly, Sevastova comes to the ball that falls to his ankles, 30:30. The first Sevast double error, 40:40. Potapova does not touch the brilliant short stroke, the superiority of Sevastov. Another double error … The result is indecisive. Potapov is an important breakthrough. Sevastian peace is overwhelming and allows Latvian to regain its dominance. Potapova is too strong, bad and does not take great advantage.

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 6-2, 1-3Potapova began to serve a little better, which complicated the opponent at 15:15. Potapova unexpectedly wins a network meeting, 40:15. Two opponents do 40:40. Sometimes it seems that Sevastov will be surprised by unsuccessful strikes. This time served unsuccessfully as well as lost lice.

Anastasia Sevastova v Anastasia Potapova 6-2, 1-2. Potapova breaks Sevast's serviSleep and long fake, with both tennis players completing a few meter shots from the last line, 0:40. For the first time, Potapova plays a break ball, and there are three at once. After the long end of the match, Potapov leads the ball after Latvia on the Sevastov side.

First set statistics. Potapova – Sevastov:

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 6-2, 1-1 The fourth Russian game mistake, 0:15. Another double mistake – only Sevast's points, 40:30. Sevastov is again trying a creative short blow, this time off. Error.

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 6-2, second set 1-0Sevastova begins convincingly. This time it is not possible to achieve the abbreviation for Potapov, 30: 0. Liepājniece continues to give his opponents great opportunities. This time one point gives up.

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 6-2. Sevastov wins the set, although in the second game Sevastov has taken the lead, two mistakes from the Latvian side, Potapova 30: 0. Later, Sevastov repent of these words, 30:15. Again, Potapova is "plucked" by a slippery clay, 30:30. Setbumba! Sevastov beat the ball in the net 40:40. Latvian does not hide mistakes by mistake. Gims is gone, Potapova couldn't use the line three times. The Russians are wrong again, 40:40. The adversary is thrown by a net that allows Sevastov to control and hurdle over a long time. Potapova makes a mistake that allows Lithuanian to win the first set.

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 5-2 The accuracy of the first service for Sevastia is 13% better. It also allows the already overwhelming Liepaja woman to drive the game on her own comfortable bed, 30: 0. Short stroke is an unfortunate failure today. Again, it's not even close to flying over the net, 30:15. Great for serving along the track.

Anastasia Sevastov – Anastasia Potapova 4-2Sevastova continues to play considerably beyond the last line. The first servo move from this position flies in the net, 15: 0 against the opponent. The next game will last, but will end with a short cut, Potap 30: 0. Also, Russia will quickly return to Sevastov's service.

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 4-1Potapova is sometimes unable to defeat Sevastov. In this family, Sevastov plays with an opponent, 40: 0. Gamma ends with lightning.

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 3-1. Sevastov smashes Potap's servantsPotap's poorly conceived short stroke, Sevastov's response hits inaccessible, Potapov 0:15. Potapova sometimes dares to perform a very strong "be or not" wound. So far he is flying sharply. Otherwise Sevastov showed his technical superiority, Potapov 15:40. It is already used in the first break after weak administration.

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 2-1Sevastova did not hit a successful strike on high flying balls. Potapova responds with a successful blow in the corner of the second field, 15:15. Potapova reaches out of the square after Sevastov serves and throws the ball directly to the woman's side. A few very thick hips hit the opponent. 40:30. Sevastov plays Russian later with skills.

Anastasia Sevastova – Anastasia Potapova 1-1Sevastova plays a meter behind the last line that encourages Potapov to approach the net. This solution pays off, Potapova 15: 0. Two mistakes for an opponent in a row, the other has a double error, Potapova 15:30. The ball jumps out of the net at Sevastovo Square. Liepājniece responds in a timely manner, executes a shortened move, but the other is already handed over by the opponent on the network. Later, Sevastov slips into the dirt, failing a successful shot, 40:40. This time the short stroke doesn't work, the Potap's ball hits the field. Sevastov is disappointed with his performance. Another double error, bound. Two inaccurate Sevastov beats from the last line.

Anastasia Sevastov – Anastasia Potapova 1-0Sevastova serves first. Potapova plays very convincingly in the first game, but in the next 15:15 mistakes. Eis, to whom Potapova wouldn't move, 40:15. Like the next game, Sevastov makes Potapova move up until the Russians even start moving trying to try to get the ball.

Both players in sunny Prague began to warm up.

In 2016, Potapov won the Wimbledon Junior Championship and was the world leader in the junior ranking. The second round of this game will be played against Czech tennis players Kristin Pliškov (85th) or Natali Vihļancev (113th).

Sevastova retained the 13th best tennis player status on Monday, but was assigned to this tournament.

Eighteen-year-old Potapov was 74th. Sevastov did not play against Russian tennis players who ranked 70th in the top position.

Latvian tennis player Anastasia Sevast launches WTA International on Tuesday in Prague with first Russian tennis player Anastasia Potapov.

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