Home chef Lauris Alekseev, specially Latvian McDonald's, created burgers for gourmets – Celebrity – Facial

"Burgeri and the Chef – this is an unprecedented event for McDonald's restaurant in Latvia, we are glad that we collaborate with Lauris Alekseev in this experience, a great moment for us and restaurant guests who will have a new tasty experience. a local chef and the creation of original recipes designed specifically for McDonald's restaurant menu in Latvia we can offer burgers that will not be available anywhere else Laura Aleksejeva's personal and professional craft allows us with pleasure and conviction to say that our line Maestro Burgers has created a real boiling maestro! "says Vladimir Janevsky, head of McDonald 's Baltic States.

Lauris Aleksejevs created two original recipes – beef burger and chicken burger. Both recipes are made using McDonald's ingredients. Regulatory work has lasted several months by tasting and combining ingredients and testing several tastes.

"My McDonald's is three things: the high quality demands, the ingredients of the meals studied, and the desire to achieve a truly delicious flavor. Collaboration with a brand like McDonald's is both a challenge and an adventure that I've evaluated throughout the project Burgers is one of the most legendary foods in the world, and has gained a huge popularity in recent years in Latvia, working on recipe to make it possible to combine the nuances of the taste of people in Latvia with world trends and to connect my personal style with McDonald 's. Burger is a high quality meat, and due to its high quality at McDonald's, it's easy for me to experiment with other ingredients, including sauces, because it gives them a unique taste for the burger, "says Chef Lauris Aleksejevs.

Laury Alexeyev's Burgers will be available in all McDonald's restaurant offers from November 21st to spring 2019.

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