I learned to go without a hand – an interview with Mairi Briedis

The struggle with Miriam was an important struggle against Mikaelian because he had to live with pain, both in strokes and when he received them. After 116: 110, 115: 111, 114: 112 he managed to win. It is true that after the fight many of them did not consider this assessment to be fair, but the result did not change. Mrt died in the WBSS semifinals and won the World Bowl Council (WBC) diamond belt. Another opponent of Briedim will be Polis Kiswofs Glowackis.

This fight is just one of the most recent events in which Deer was involved last year. In the summer, he stopped working with his promoter Alu Sistem or Albert Hecutura, who then attempted a ruthless campaign of oppression. During a conversation with the Delfi portal, Deer talked about the past struggle, the problems he had experienced, the scandals and the near and far future.

Damaged hands, broken nose, and uneven tumblers

How much time after a fight is usually to be fully recovered from all seizures?

It depends on what the fight was. Scratches heal after two days. After this fight, the back is burning, although it should not be a problem.

This kind of "dirty" came across Mikaelian this time.

Yes, even though the round judge was very familiar and tried to fight with Mike Taison (Guardalupe Garcia). This time no notes were made when they had to be. As it is, it is. Once he got rid of him, but at that moment he might have thought the mission was complete. So he could disappear.

Did you find out why this fight was so bad?

Before the fight, I plan to hold my left hand because the right hand was split. Rehabilitation after such bone surgery, which involves bone fission, should last for six months. I started to break this hand a month later. I sent video doctors where I walked around and said it was not possible. Drinking things like red beets coming from different parts of the world we did different procedures to heal our hand. The root of the saddle is as much as he heals. I did Sparing with one hand, with great emphasis on my left hand, but it was good that I also wounded my left hand for the third week. The hand of resistance split into the hips on the other side. And everything. I did not have any more that I can not turn right, now with the left is the same. Even before I slammed my ear drum so I could not go to the pool and "stretch" my lungs. We tried to change something, but there is nothing better than a pool because it can relax and "rinse out" the lungs. That's why my breath was a bit shallow. And then I broke my nose last weekend in my training. I mean, "Wow, what is it?" Blood was still running. As you saw, the blood was running less in the battle because the "cutman" worked very well. It was all a big challenge for me and my team.

Given these circumstances, was it safe not to start?

In principle, it would be better not to fight and postpone the fight, and then after a few months when the traumas worsened, climb into a circle. Well, the drummer and the nose are not so badly injured, but the spicy wounded elbows have taken us a lot from what we've been preparing. Since it is a boxing supermarket, the reserve would be ready to occupy my place. There is a choice of survival – if you can not, be free and go on foot. Stay on foot – after the boxer from Latvia with our small market, nobody in the queue is so commercially good and we were able to see what happened to the Russian boxers in the first season – with all their big markets it was impossible to talk about any serious fight because the whole the cream was in the tournament, so staying without supersex would mean losing more than just one omitted fight. I was going, I was the one I was, and the box was the way it was. I learned to hold hands. It is possible that somebody will say that they are reservations, but it was reality. Of course we fought to say that everything was fine. We knew the opponents' ears were large, because there were people who could take it. I understand that fans may have questions about performance but why they have an edge in the fight than they say you have to fight with a boxer who can not really hit you.

He already knew I had problems with the ribs before. At one point in the fight, he began to "knock" the ribs, but we and Marek (Osovskim) blocked our place. We also put the balls in place, fix them so they do not break the stick. At least it was fixed.

Everything that happened badly before the fight could not go wrong.

Yes, I do not even want to think what can happen. This year was the hardest part of my career. Also in Russia, I was one hand. With my right hand I struck one blow and started to hurt me. Probably, boxing experts have noticed how the wound track has shifted, the accuracy and correctness of my right hand – the strike is no longer like a stitch with a lance, but now it's just a point to add. Once the dominant hand was in my favor – and Chel and others were defeated with their right hands.

God, so everything is strengthened now. The bones of the right hand are healed, now all the tissues have to be strengthened. Then you can fight again

At what point in time are you seriously injured by your right hand? Fight against Oleksandr Usik?

No, it was a long time ago. Obviously, these problems began to fight Mark Huc, and later it was bad. The bent dog, which is my hand, should now try to fix it. The hand is healed, now it has to be strengthened. That should be enough time.

When Mikaeljans returned to his own struggle, did he impress upon someone?

I was struck by the fact that he suffered all the time. I even sat at one moment because I did not understand why I beat the beat all the time. But it is my health. The wallet has a vestibular instrument that is very important for movements and everyday things.

I did not have the speed of this hand, it was a feeling of freedom, because I knew that if she came up with me it would hurt me. Not because I hit, but because I'm in situ. I was tense all the time, and it required energy, freedom, and reaction. After the roof I stood up and he could turn me.

On the other hand, it seemed he could not reach him because Mikaeljans kept the distance.

He kept on, and I was too far away. I was just moving forward and back but it was also necessary on the side. I'm on a rudder, set off and got between us. That is why the attacks had to be from the beginning.

Probably his struggles also impressed him, because Mikaeljans would have expected you to be more invasive.

I'm probably amazed. The most important thing for me was to move to my punch instead. It could get points, but I did not have any sense to fly. It's like playing drums without bars.

I learned to go without a hand - an interview with Mairi Briedis

Photo: World Boxing Super Series

In the light of all these circumstances, what were the feelings after the fight itself?

The first point was that I needed to do everything faster so I could grow up so I could do what I could do. Now I feel like I'm fighting with my hands. You know, it's like a dream – you want to run fast, but that does not happen and things happen very slowly. Now it's like feeling the dream. I know that I can introduce myself quickly, freely, technically, firmly, but everything was slow due to difficulty and seriousness. You have to wake up and start really starting.

This is the saddest thing I did with unusual work, I practiced twice a day, five hours a day. Then there is an accident – try to keep ice on painful places, doing ultrasound, massage. Fight with one hand, massage it by triggering it to absorb the scar faster, and suddenly the other hand will hurt. I do not know what the trainers felt, but I felt terrified.

How severe was the psychological shock of this workout? Before, you could not even imagine that you could get hurt this way.

Psychologically, of course, it was difficult, but this sport is not easy. If I could not overcome it, I would not be here. The most important thing for me now is to show good performance again, to please fans whose good words and encouragement gave me the power of emotional strength to overcome this ..

After the fight, waiting for the referee's decision, what were the feelings?

The judges were Americans from WBC, WBO and Illinois with great experience in the fight for world championship, highly professional professionals. I have not seen a fight yet. Such a fight was unacceptable to me because I can not introduce it. He can not bind with his tangled shoulders. Physically I felt good, I was ready to take another five rounds, but everything that happened in the preparatory phase was hard.

After announcing the results, many experts recorded their records, shared results, including the influential representatives of ESPN. Such criticism has not yet caused you.

No, that was not the case. Critics motivate me to do my job. The fact that so many struggles with all possible views have been discussed by both experts and supporters also shows that people are indifferent to me. Helps avoid starvation.

From Ring to Chicago back to ring in Riga?

What was the everyday life of Chicago? I hear you have food problems.

Yes, in the first four days we all suffered from a belly. The food was artificial. For example, the egg was made from powder. I ate it and felt that there was a brick in my stomach. We took rice and oatmeal. Then we found good Mexican cuisine and this sharp meal gave a stomach impulse. Problems have occurred. In the evening Mareks prepared for us, bought a multi-power pressure boiler. He said he never cooked, but he was very tasty.

I did not go around the city first, but the supermarket brought us to one of the tallest buildings in Chicago, where we had a photographic meeting on the 103rd floor. I live in the room, I went in the morning, then I went and slept, and then I trained again. It took me ten days like a month. Then I realized that the prison was busy.

Compared to "Arena Riga", what was the arena?

There is nothing to compare – the difference was day and night. Riga is the younger arena, the closets are much more comfortable. For example, in the fight against Mike Peres, where ticket prices were not so bad, there was a full arena. The emotions that ruled here were indescribable. The fight was psychologically difficult because I knew it could very hardly hit. He made disabilities from Russian boxers. I remember thinking, "I'm crazy, I have five kids to take care of them, why did I need it?" When I got there, it felt as though I had put together a lot of electrodes and everything that was hiding at maximum power. His emotions were all the time that the ants were flying over the body. That's why I'm ready to leave my last strength to win and give people euphoria.

What should be done for the next fight that will take place in the arena in Riga?

I can not influence it in any way, but it can be influenced by Zauerland. It seems to me that I am more inclined to the fact that the fight will take place in Riga. In Poland I do not think the fight will be. People seem to be more, the market is bigger, but not the atmosphere that fans do in Latvia.

However, after a supermarket in Chicago, it's time to organize an atmosphere like Riga to fight.

Several hundred Latvians push me forward. In fact, there were not many people. There was a fight because the supermarket sold American television a lot of money for broadcasting rights and set a number of measures for it because it should be organized in the United States. I realized that America must live, it is necessary to work on publicity, then something can happen, but it has to be either from the beginning of a career or for several years. I will stay in Latvia because I have a lot to do.

Coaches, promoters and media

Some time ago it was a speech that could attract your foreign coach team. Still want to do it?

I have already attracted a coach from Ukraine. I compared him with Dmitriy and of course every coach has his own professionals. Every coach takes time to see the fruit. It's usually about half a year. It's the same as the seed you sowed. Immediately this tomato does not grow. It must be defeated, well worn and then grown. The coach must understand me, understand what he wants to give me. We've fixed a lot of bugs, but one thing is to fix the training, but it's different in the fight. Therefore, this result will be with the trainers Dmitry Shiholaj and Viktor Yaroshchuk arriving. At present, I am satisfied with the quality of the work of the trainers, everything is organized at the highest level.

What did Shoholay say about this fight?

He said it would be the hardest fight when I came back from the injury and warned it would not be psychologically easy. We knew it would be difficult, but then it happened more than three.

The fight against Glovac will be important to me, my team and the Latvians. The most important thing is to prepare yourself well. Coach Dmitry has already said he has joined the program. He could not go to Chicago for his own reasons. He has found lucrative partners. It was such an attitude that he wanted to catch my eyes from the coaches. Of course, I also have to want her, this is the most important thing.

When we talk about coaches, your former coach Sandis Klein also remarked that your attitude to coaching was the reason for stopping coaching. What is your opinion on this?

He is the person with whom we worked and cooperated. It was annoying to read it all because we were no perfect, besides, I was always in the team and had very strong personalities with different views that created this team in times like one of the strongest in the world. Maybe I made mistakes, but I explained to him why it happened. He only saw his version. I was taught that what is happening in the family should also be in the family. So I do not want to comment on it anymore. It was unpleasant and painful.

I will not say anything about the profession because we worked a lot and the cooperation was great. He chose his own way. It was also painful that I left Vasily Chernihova, who trained me for 14 years. His contribution to the technical part was enormous. These are his fruits, it is his tree that grows until he begins to grow. He was creative, he was doing a non-standard technique and I was in my father's place, but he would not be so far away with him. Sandis could give me physical fitness.

The best option would be if Sandis and Chernihiv were able to live together. They were like a dog with a cat and could not live together. Sandi would give me physical fitness, Chernihiv would give me the technique – it would be a "bomb". Chari was shot with him, the previous opponents also "fell". I've taken every positive thing from every one I could take.

After stopping to work with your promoter Aloe Sist, he has a thorough campaign against you. What exactly happened in this situation?

Albert was my first promoter and he also had the first experience with the boxer, so you can say the plants are together. But he did a very ugly thing that was decrypted. No athlete or person to respect will never work with such a person on such events. I was very painful because I opened this man, put him in my family and did everything in the best of conscience, but after the divorce he counts me with a bucket. I would not want to talk about him anymore, because in my opinion this man fought against me as unlikely as possible – first with a stitch on his back and subsequent public expressions.

I did not like the fact that all the things he said were reading children. I think adults have understood what's really going on. In such situations, it is necessary to act properly to keep me and Raimond (Zepu-Deer Managers) and everyone else publicly. We could talk to each other, but we did not have it publicly. Everything was carefully considered in one of the media – "sportscentrs.com", so I asked them to come out of open training, even if they were not journalists who wrote it.

I learned to go without a hand - an interview with Mairi Briedis

Photo: DELFI

But why do you decide not to bring these media representatives to your training?

I am also a human being, I must understand that I was tired, angry, and emotionally filled with all the traumas and other negative events before the fight. Then we talked to editor-in-chief "sportscentrs.com" to meet and talk to get our hands out and forget about it. They themselves said they thought the articles in the article would be bigger. In my opinion, this should not be a scandal or this type of information should not be a scandal. Normal people should not be content with other disorders. I believe the scene must be a breakthrough. In a hole the pigs are just flies. I compare them – there are two types of people – flies and bees. Only shit hits the skin of the whistle in your circle, but the whistle around the flowers around you. Bite is hardworking, doing his job and adding value to bees.

I know that this site reads a lot of young people, but there they put a video where, after every third word, three-dimensional names.

There was a lot of criticism about your decisions in these videos. One of the things that changed you.

I'll be in the box for 20 years. I continue driving to bring her a red and white flag. If I tried, then I would not. I can not change sharply. Ask him for my team, not someone who left the team. It is possible to change from competition to stress. Marek says Mairis is in the form of being lonely. This means that testosterone and hormones work in the right direction. Then I remain phlegmatic and calm.

Then you can conclude that your life has not changed significantly with a changing promoter and starting a collaboration with Sauerland Promotions?

Basically, nothing remained the same. With this promoter we are only in business relationships. Not the same as before when we met families. This whole scandal has given me the future as a defensive mechanism. Unfortunately, not everyone can be so close to everyone.

I can say that partly because of the fans I have concluded an agreement with Sauerland and I am in the supermarket for the second season, because if there were no fantastic battles in Arena Arena, I would not be close to what I have now. Thanks a lot for them!

Enhanced and Future

Another opponent will be Ksistof Glovack? Did Maksim Vlasov fight with him? How much do you know about him at all?

The fight could not be seen because I had to do doping tests there, and I was poured into a urine bowl. But let's look and analyze the fight. I know he is so cheerful and he can sit hard, but with a lot of legs he'll stay.

This is a box, here you can never know who will be ready. Similarly with me – as if I were prefered by the WBSS, but three injuries and I can not feed myself. This is a sport that needs to be treated very carefully and correctly. I also always help to believe in God. These are all exams, so I can understand how hard these bloody money will be.

Is religion something very close to you?

Yes, from childhood. Every moment, my conviction that we are not alone grows stronger. I also send video and text messages that people ask me. It all drives me forward and gives you a sense of security. I do not forget the battle I have to visit God. Every Sunday I try to go to church, but I did not go to Chicago. It is much easier and more enjoyable to live, but no one has to force the faith. In difficult moments, I understand it is important to him. I noticed when the crisis was not yet, the churches were half empty, the worse the times were, the churches were full.

What lessons have you learned from this difficult phase?

It is possible that this rival would have been nice to me if I were "in full equipment". It was all a great challenge for me so I could not get rid of another fight and this tournament. If I want to motivate, I'll look at this fight.

After losing to Usik, Tony Bull announced his career. How long do you want to continue climbing and fighting for victory?

It tastes for a long time. I have given this sport my whole life. After that, I think I'm going to study because I can not be educated. I have a higher education, but I need some specifics.

Do you look at the trainer's job?

No, I do not mean a coach. I think we will have good coaches who will learn a lot from me, like Dmitry. We will open a school under my supervision. We will collect the best coaches of Latvia and we will achieve this project not only in boxing, but also in sport. I also want to change their mentality and trust in people because we miss them.

Did you recognize one of the first to congratulate you for the fight?

Do you think the hockey player (Raiti Ivananka)? Yes, I recognized it. We met him before. I do not understand why he spoke English with me, I was surprised.

How many values ​​do you give to the WBC Diamond Belt?

Great value, because it came with great difficulty. Now I have all the WBC belts – main belt, silver and Baltic belt. This belt can be changed to World Championship at any time. It depends on what Uisk will decide, but I think he will continue to fight in this weight category because he will not deal with Anthony Joshua so quickly. But maybe … after the result of what was against Believe, it will all be faster. However, it seems to me that "everything will be married" for a long time to get more money.

Will revenge revenge against Usukie still interesting?

I think it will be. God will bless the enthusiasts well, right and healthy, then this struggle will not endure.

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