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Last year, a planned reduction in the number of employees in public administration was achieved

Since the start of public administration reform, the number of employees in ministries and subordinate institutions has decreased by at least 2.5%.

He explained that these were data comparing the situation in December 2017 with the situation in January. The aim of the reform is to reduce the total number of employees by 6% by 2020 or 58,000 by 2020, ie by 2% per year.

Among the Ministries, the Ministry of Justice highlighted a good example of when the number of employees was reduced by at least 4% and the Ministry of Social Affairs by 3%. Anotherchowski pointed out that there was no "mechanical cutting", but that the changes took place in the review of the working process.

He added that in the near future, the Secretary of State will conduct in-depth interviews with representatives of all ministries on their results, as well as what would be necessary to fully implement the reform agenda.

Otherkovskis recalled that the savings saved by the redundancies are left to the ministries, which should also serve as an incentive to reform.

The Director of the State Bureau also reported working on submitting Saeima in the autumn of a uniform law on remuneration of public officials. It is planned to review the amount of remuneration, including a reduction in the amount of premium actually included in the remuneration. It is also planned to review various social benefits.

Asked if it is planned to continue this year's public awareness training, Anotherkovskis said that the State Office evaluated the results of these studies and that they were very good, as were high-ranking officials. It is currently being assessed whether these programs will include further training in autumn.

“If we want collective public administration, we need to invest in training and training people. If we serve only the coffin and do not contribute to its development, the result will not be. Everyone in the 21st century must invest in their employees if we want a result, and we will do it, ”said the head of the State Office.

Previously, Latvijas Avīze announced that the State Chancellery had organized training for senior officials in the area of ​​awareness of several thousand euros to acquire "self-discovery", "awakening" and "meditation of body search".

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