Latvia will start selling 100% renewable diesel

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For the first time in Latvia, Neste MY for the first time in Latvia launched "Neste MY" for the first time in Latvia, the leading network of automatic filling stations in Nors "Neste", a new and unique product, 100% renewable diesel in Latvia, informs the company LA.Lv.

This fuel is made from 100% renewable sources and does not contain any landfills. Energy and Ecological Diesel is available at the Neste petrol station in Ulmaņa gatve 84 in Riga. This station will be available for winter diesel fuel Neste MY A3 with frost up to -38ºC.

"Climate change, and consequently its consequences, are one of the biggest challenges today. This premium product – the 100% renewable diesel fuel" Neste MY "- is also viable for the Latvian market for many reasons. in the environment, so that they can easily choose a sustainable and clean environment while improving their performance. Second, and last but not least, 100% renewable diesel diesel Neste MY is a gift in the Latvian Century – investing in sustainability of the country, in a cleaner environment and at the best future for our children, "said Artu Airiainens, CEO of SIA Neste Latvija.

Renewable gasoline is a sustainable and relatively easy means for environmentally responsible consumers, which significantly reduces harmful emissions from road traffic. Neste Renewable Diesel is produced from food and animal fat residues during the hydrogenation process to produce a non-volatile, colorless and odorless fuel whose chemical composition is the same as fossil oil.

Therefore, it can be used both in 100% purity and as a component of fossil naphtha in unlimited quantities. Neste MY is currently the world's most environmentally conscious, fuel-efficient fuel cell that can cut greenhouse gas emissions by 90% over the life cycle of the product.

The Neste survey, which was attended by more than 700 respondents across Latvia, showed that 65% of drivers heard of renewable diesel and their properties. Most opinion polls (78%) recognized that fueling cleaner air and a healthier environment is important for fuel purchases.

It is important that there is no sediment in the fuel system, which does not increase vehicle maintenance costs and is suitable for cold weather. In addition – to make this fuel environmentally friendly.

Neste, the world's largest producer of renewable fuels with plants in Finland, the Netherlands and Singapore, produces not only fuel but also propane, aviation fuels, plastics, solvents, polymers and other renewable products.

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In 2017, Neste reduced its global warming emissions by 8.3 million tons, corresponding to an annual production of 3 million passenger cars.

In Finland, Neste MY was a 100% renewable diesel available from last year, while the largest Neste MY store in total is in Scandinavia and the USA.

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