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Linda Leen expresses cruel opinion on the descent of Riga – Celebrity – – Entertainment

“It seems that the plan was not only to cut capital into clichés but also to empty people.

Who would like to come to Riga at the moment, I would say yes, I want to go live, work, be part of it?

The most worrying thing about all this is that you really don't see the end … And all the other areas and events actually lose any meaning, a collection of gifts to liberate the Freedom Memorial or Bumblebees, such as the acoustic concert hall seems absurd when most streets and bridges are . Eternal repair either in an emergency.

You don't feel safe here. And not because of the threat of war, criminal situation or some natural disasters, but simply and stupidly losing life carelessly and corruptly in the planned and built grocery store, or crossing the old bridge, ”says the artist.

“We have to move to life outside of Riga. A small town is a fantastic place to live. Here is a very different rhythm of life "," Well confused exaggerated emotions that say nothing more … "," Yes, Riga has its own dirty stains or even "skin rashes" and from time to time catches lice or fleas, but which does the city have? Nothing and nobody is perfect and ideal ”,“ I'm afraid of polluted air. When you feel like you don't like it and your lungs are heavy. Most human community "- its commentators.

As reported, Thursday morning For the five-member operation, the passage of Augusta Deglava Street Passage was closed in Riga, leading to significant changes in public transport routes and congestion in the respective capital city.

Only pedestrians and cyclists can use the bridge.

As Ints Inuzis, Chief of State Police, reported the bridge will be closed until the Riga City Council has submitted documents to the State Building Inspection Office (BVKB) for BVKB to be able to verify the security of this building.

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