Musician Pudniks: A hundred years money is simply exchanged and intertwined

Musician and producer Kaspars Pudniks expressed sharp views to celebrate the celebrations of Latvia.

Portal musician has discovered a critical view of the huge expense that brings together celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Latvia, including the holiday celebration. As previously mentioned, the 100th anniversary celebration is 60 million euros. Festive fireworks will cost EUR 235,000 (excluding VAT).

"I do not understand how a hundred years can be celebrated if Latvia is occupied most of these years, I do not understand how the country that owes about 10 billion euros can keep money," says Pudnik. "I'm ashamed of how much money is spent, but they just slipped and set off, but tomorrow nothing will be, and we can go out again and ask for Europe"

"I would like those who accepted these decisions to go to a children's hospital for Latvian children and say," Wait, forgive us, but we do not have the money for your treatment, but we have the money to drink and have fun. "Tell the children's parents eyes!" Hardly admits the musician

The musician admits that November 18 will never be celebrated in the family and it is a normal day.

"Latvians, do not be naive – out of 60 million, 54" in their right pockets. "The rest of the world, like scratched bone, was rejected by the people and the poor," a certain musician.


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