NHL East Leader Lightning Goalkeeper Vasilyevsky Breaking the Foot / Diena

lightning Chief coach John Kupper will not tell Vasilyevsky how serious Vasilievsky is, but TSN reports that the Russian goalkeeper has broken his left leg on Thursday.

"He broke his leg and could not walk," the newspaper Tampa Bay Times revealed Luis Dominges, who is the second goalie of the team.

Team Tampabean from Edija Paskal was called by a goalkeeper in the American Hockey League (AHL).

Vasiljevski reached an average of 2.29 pounds in 13 matches this season and cut off 92.7%. This season he won nine victories, the second in the league.

In the previous season Vasilievsky, 24, had an average of 2.62 pounds in the match and shot 92.0%, which was one of the winners of the most successful goalie players in the league competition. During his career he played a total of £ 2.58 in 168 games and fired a 91.8% throw.

He's still a couple ahead lightning Latvian goalkeeper Krister Gudljevsky took part in the system.

lightning With 27 points in 19 matches, he is the head of the Eastern Conference, but occupies second in the league.

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