OlyBet LAT-EST: Strong victory at VEF Rīga in Parnu, on Friday "Ventspils" in Valze

OLYMPET Latvia-Estonia League on Thursday, "VEF Rīga" on the trip only in the last quarter managed to fight "Parnu Port" – 76:72. Friday in 19 matches Valga / Valka – BC "Ventspils" (Delfi.ee live).

"Parnu Port" (4-5) – "VEF Riga" (6-1) 72:76 (20:21, 46:40, 61:56)

Rigani made only 32 minutes (65:62) after an unsuccessful midfielder, but 83 seconds before the end of the match home finished a better result (72:72). In another attack, Artis Ate won the exact three-point lead, but the final point was played by Andris Mister, the main character of the match.

Throughout the game, "VEF Rīga" prevails at a distance (10/26 – 6/17) and fewer mistakes (14-20), but a loss in the basketball (39-45) and a much less severe shot (8/9 – 18 / 21).

In the "VEF Rīga" Andris Misters recorded 29 points (3p 6/7), the role of Steve Zeks 11 + 11. For homeowners Mihkel Kirves, 19 + 9, Henry Wade-Chetman, 18 + 9, Simon Sutam, 17.

Friday at 18:30 "Valga / Valka" (1-6) – BC "Ventspils" (7-1): delfi.ee

The Border City team has so far won a single victory and has successfully rescued a match with "Latvian University" (62:58). The unsuccessful start of the season triggered the first change of the coach in the league – Armandu Misus replaced the Russian specialist Mikhail Karpenka, who will play his debut on Friday. Meanwhile, leading statistics was Dashon Kings (average 12.7 points).

Ventspils just won an important victory in the Champions League and the same important game will be held next week when BC "Nizhny Novgorod" visits Ventspils. Eight players in Latvia Olybet Latvia – Estonia scored an average of 8-14 points. The most successful is Māris Gulbis (14.3).

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