On Monday, there will be many rains across Latvia / article / LSM.LV

On Monday morning, the sky was cloudy in Latvia, the weather was melting, the air temperature in the morning was +1 degrees in the east of the Latgale country up to +6 .. + 7 degrees on the coast of Kurzeme, south and southeast gusts 9-12 meters per second according to the Latvian centers for environment, geology and meteorology information.

Even on the same day the sky will still be cloudy, sometimes rainy, in the eastern part of the country, the rain may be accompanied by wet snow.

Wind flag in the south and southeast reaches 8-13 meters per second.

Maximum air temperature +2 .. + 7 degrees, We move up to +9 degrees.

In Riga, cloudy, occasionally with rain, the wind rises sharply up to 10-12 meters per second, temperatures around +6 degrees.

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