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"Warm drinks are a great way to warm and naturally absorb vitamins, boost immunity, protect the body from inflammation, improve hair structure and even reduce appetite.

The recommended daily dose is approximately 2-4 glasses. One should not drink more than a liter of hot drink daily – although they have a positive effect on body performance, it should be remembered that hot drinks contain sweeteners such as honey, which is basically sugar and should be used in controlled amounts daily, " says the pharmacist.

Hot water, lemon and honey are one of the most popular cold seasonal drinks, and not nothing. Using lemonade with honey on a daily basis, it protects against infectious diseases, improves metabolism and helps to remove toxins. Lemon contains both vitamin C, which strengthens the body's immunity, as well as active substances that help to eliminate bile and thereby promote liver function. On the other hand, honey has antibacterial properties, which reduces the risk of virus formation.

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Lemon juice with honey, adding ginger and cinnamon, hot drink gives you new flavors and health-enhancing properties. Ginger gives a further warming effect, helping to reduce the cough as it can relax the smooth muscles of the airway, but cinnamon helps regulate the sugar level, thereby alleviating the appetite.

If a hot beverage, which contains a cinnamon, will be taken in the morning in an empty shower, and in the evening before bedtime it stimulates the metabolism and positively affects the condition of the hair – it has turned out that using cinnamon in the diet improves the hair structure.

A warm cranberry drink or morse is often called a "super drink" made from smoked and cooked cranberries, as well as some sugar. The drink contains vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, perfectly fights free radicals, reduces kidney stones, disinfects the urinary tract, prevents bacteria from sticking to the walls, and protects against unpleasant urine inflammation in a cold and stormy period.

The warm pumpkin drink is made of quince, which is sprinkled with sugar, and the syrup is made. Flowers are known as Latvian lemons – they contain plenty of vitamin C, vitamin B and fiber, which greatly stimulates digestion. This drink is definitely recommended at times when it looks caught virus

Granny's reception – milk with honey – is still up to date. Such a drink will be particularly useful in coughing as it softens and soothes the mucous membrane of the neck and reduces inflammation of the neck. It is advisable to drink warm milk with honey shortly before bedtime – soothes and provides deeper sleep. It should be remembered that milk should not be heated to more than 400 ° C, so honey does not lose its healing properties.

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