PHOTOGRAPHY The first work and recreation area was opened in a new bed at the airport "Rīga"

Airport & Riga & # 8221; Introduces the first work and lounge in a new dock or zone C on November 8, 2018.

"Riga" Airport opens the first work and recreation area on the new embankment or zone C on November 8, 2018.

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On Thursday, November 8, the Samsung's working and recreation area was opened in the new northern seafront at Rize International Airport or C Zone for airport visitors. It comes with a total of 50 mobile charging points as well as convenient work desks for up to 20 people at a time. This is the first type and volume work and recreation area at Riga Airport and is a valuable contribution to improving the overall level of airport comfort, said Liga Bite, a spokesman for Samsung Electronics Baltics.

"Technology plays an irreplaceable role in today's busy and fast life – it always helps to reach and work from anywhere in the world, so Samsung has taken care of entrepreneurs and other travelers to create a comfortable leisure and work space in the Riga C area. Everyone can charge your device before using the internet online, working on comfortable carriages or just relaxing, "says Philip Choi, president of Samsung Electronics Baltics.

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Over the year, Riga Airport serves over 6 million passengers and is constantly evolving, so the new work and leisure area is a valuable asset to the comfort of travelers.

In order for employees to spend time at the airport waiting for their flight, Samsung's work and recreation area has a 20-seat desk, 30 wireless charging stations, 12 comfortable deck chairs, 20 electrical outlets and 6 QLED TVs.

"Those who want to relax before the flight will be able to watch high-quality TV shows or videos with beautiful monuments and popular landmarks in Latvia." Latvian video was prepared by Magnetic Latvia and will be a pleasant reminder of Latvia for all passengers and possibly inspiration to return, "says Sergey Kostyuchenko, director of Electronics Electronics at the Baltic Sea.

"We are very pleased with our long-term cooperation with Samsung, which began several years ago when Samsung provided FIDS monitors for the airport's core business.The creation of recreational space has brought our collaboration to a new level, enabling passengers to get even more time before the flight, thus boosting the overall level of comfort and service at Riga Airport, "says Artūrs Savelejevs, a member of the Riga Airport Board.

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