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Police have begun to control the transport of people with disabilities in public transport in Riga

The State Police (VP) launched a rigorous inspection of the application of the Road Transport Directorate for the Transport of Disabled Persons in Riga Public Transport, LETA clarified the VP.

By analyzing the information provided by the Riga City Council and the "Rīgas satiksme" on the carriage of passengers with disabilities in the first and second groups, the Road Traffic Directorate suspected that the above categories of passenger services were incorrectly charged on the routes of Riga.

Therefore, by March 29, the Public Transport Council has decided to suspend a € 2.2 million advance on the Riga City Council for Disabled Persons in the second quarter of 2019, explaining the responsibility of the Road Transport Directorate to ensure that the subsidy will achieve these objectives. for whom it really is.

Kristiāns Godiņš, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Road Transport Directorate, said at a meeting of the Public Transport Council that research is being conducted because of the sharp differences between the number of disabled people with disabilities, including 14% of people with disabilities, "Rīgas satiksme" – 4%, but regional. carriers – 8%. At the same time, 22% of people with disabilities received tickets to drivers in 'Riga minibus' and 9% to 'Rīgas satiksme'. Summary data on the transport of disabled people in public transport in Riga concluded that there are persons with disabilities who have confirmed the electronic ticket at 250-300 times a month.

The Road Transport Directorate implements a single state policy on passenger and freight transport. Its activities mainly relate to public transport planning – passenger transport by bus and train, licensing for commercial freight and passenger transport and issuing international transport permits.

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