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"Rockets" Clashing with Judges, "Warriors" Stands for First Victory – Basketball –

Austin Rivers was unable to help because of the rocket disease in Houston, but Stephen Carry and Cleop Thompson, whose game of injury was under a question mark, were left out of the GoldenState Warriors. For the first time in the start-up season, this "play-off" season went to André Igudala, who was commissioned by Harden cover, but he made two notes early and was replaced. In the first quarter, Warriors made eight mistakes, attacked far from long distance, and rarely held good positions for their leaders, taking the Dreimond Green initiative (eight points per quarter), but homeowners still finished with a ten-point break – Carry and Durent hit trejacim and reached 28:19.

But Houston put great emphasis on long distance. If in the first quarter the guests sold only one of the fourteen, then in the second quarter, "Rockets" began to hit the cart. For a long time, the initiative was hampered by unfixed judges' remarks at Herman's long distance, but at half-time, three-thirds of Chris Paul and Erik Gordon launched a 13: 0 breakthrough with rockets at the start of the second half plus four (57:53). "Warriors" regained control and once again took a good quarter when Chris Paul and Mike D & # 39; Antoni's lead coach earned one technical hand and won nine points (85:76) at the start of the fourth quarter.

In the midst of the decisive quarter, Nene restored his balance (89:89), but Warriors quickly regained several assaults. Eventually, Houston was able to pull out the extension. First, Harten was fined with a penalty of 40.4 seconds until the end of main time, reaching two points (98: 100), Carry, who played five notes from the center of the quarter, with a long distance over Nenem 24.4 seconds to the end (103: 98), but the "Warriors", when protected from a long distance, opened a free path to the cart (100: 103). Homeowners demanded a break, but Durent, who received the ball after the match, did not endure the opponent's pressure and made a mistake of 17 seconds to the end. Harten decided not to wait for a better chance and made a difficult distance to Green within 9.1 seconds, but Paul lost his dissatisfaction with the referees and was second to the technical notes (100: 104).

Eastern Conference

FewThe first gameGame 2Game 3Game 45th gameGame 6Game 7Series
Bucks (1) – Celtics (4)90: 11201.0504.
Raptors (2) – 76ers (2) t108: 9530.

Western Conference

FewThe first gameGame 2Game 3Game 45th gameGame 6Game 7Series
Warriors (1) – Rockets (4)104: 10001.0505.
Nuggets (2) – Trail Blazers30.

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