Sagittarius and Timma will win 10 points of the Olympiakos victory

Latvian basketball players Jānis Strēlnieks and Janis Timma on Tuesday won 10 points for ULEB Euroliga and supported the victory of the Greek club Piraeus "Olympiacos" with a 72:62 score over Bayern Munich. On the other hand, another Latvian player, Žanis Peiner, could not save Darusshafak from injuring another Istanbul City Fenerbahce Team – 79: 100.

Sagittarius spent 21:36 minutes in the field, scored ten points, realized three of the four two-point shots, a single timeframe and a single punishment. His account also has two ornaments, two assists, two mistakes, and two assists.

Timma meanwhile played 29:54 minutes, played two dots and two of six dashes. Latvians also have one blocked missile and one captured bomb, as well as four notes.

Olympiakos 12 points was Zaks Ledaj, but Derrick Williams and Vladimir Lucičs scored 15 points in Bayern.

Daruschafaq played Peiners in the field for 20 minutes and seven seconds, during which he scored six points, realized two of the four two-point shots and two penalties, but failed the only missed distance. His account also has four performance cards, one ball, three mistakes, and two notes.

Darwishfack Team 22 points went to Ray McCallum, but 17 points on Michael Erik's account. Welch scored 16 points with Melich Mahmutoglu, 15 points on the Ali Muhammad account, 13 points with Shofrey Lover, Jan Wesley and Mark Gudurich.

In the next match, Herbalife in Gran Canaria, represented by Anjias Pacečnik, won 76:89 with Real Madrid.

Pacechnik Grankanari scored two points in 20 minutes and 13 seconds, realizing only one of six six-point shots but not throwing a throw and penalty kick. He also won one reflection and made one good pass.

"Real" consists of 20 points and ten rebounds for Anthony Randolph while Herblafey reached 20 points for DJ Strober.

"Olympiakos" with eight victories in eight matches ranks eighth in the Euroleague overall, with Herbalife winning 12th place in eight games in eight games, while Daruschafaka won only one victory in eight matches this season and finishes 16th in the final. place.

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