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Survey: On average, only half of Latvian residents use household appliances safely – Real Estate – House

Laundry and dishes are washed at night or outside the house

The survey revealed people's habits when using dishwashers and washing machines. 55% admitted that this home appliance is only used when they are home. 6% of home appliances turn on at bedtime and 2% before going out. The remaining 37% of machines are operated at different times without certain habits. Young people under the age of 25 are most careless, each fifth washer or dishwasher is switched on at bedtime or out. Older people over 55 are most cautious. “Home appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers, should run when people are at home and awake. A large part of the leaks can then be detected, reduced in time and prevented from flooding neighbors, ”says End Insurance, head of private property insurance.

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Anti-leak systems, leak detectors and fragments

“The latest washing machines and dishwashers have built-in escape systems. However, it is important to note that it is more common that flexible water supply is interrupted or that leakage starts at the point of pipe connection rather than household appliances, ”says Endy Melecis, the real situation. The expert admits that home appliances can also be switched on during sleep, but in this case a water leak detector should be installed in the dwelling to warn of leakage. The detector should be placed under the laundry, dishwasher and can also be placed under the sink. In case of water leakage, audible alarms will be heard as a smoke detector. There are devices that also send mobile application warnings. In the interest of safety in private homes, the washing machine should be placed in a home trapped room.

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Leakages in apartments are much more common than in private homes

In flats, all reimbursement applications cover 80% of water leaks. “The owners of the apartments are responsible for ensuring that the escape does not damage the neighboring land. In home insurance, people often choose the cheapest policy and do not include civil liability insurance. But this is what will protect the cost if the neighbors are flooded, ”explains the insurance expert. If you miss a leak and do not close the water supply, the losses in private homes can also be very high. For example, the family spent the weekend off home. On Saturday, their private house plunged into a water filter and returned home on Sunday, 55 cubic meters of water escaping.

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Survey If the insurance was realized in cooperation with the research agency "Norstat" with more than 1000 respondents.

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