Uncertainty about Anthony's future in the Rockets team

Several players and representatives of Rocket players in the NHL Houston believe that Carmelo Anthony has passed his last game in the team, ESPN reports.

Anthony was not in the previous two team matches and did not go to Denver to play another missile. Anthony is expected to be included in the list of vulnerable players in the near future.

It is true that Derry Morry General Manager of Rockets called the talk of the Enthony team as "unfair". "This team was excellent and he took over all the roles he gave to coach Mike Antoni," Morio said.

Anthony and Rockets ended a one-time contract with a value of 2.4 million, and in 10 games recorded an average of 13.4 points and gained 5.4 trillion.

The start of the Rockets season was unsuccessful and won five wins and suffered seven losses in the 12th position at the Western Conference.

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