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"I feel excited and I like the atmosphere in England, just dreamed of being in England, I had to, but now I'm going to do an impressive fight." I feel like a little kid that just got a baby, "Ulysses began.

"Tony is really dangerous, he's the same height and weight as I do. Look at his eyes – they're upset," the Ukrainian said, adding: "Tony is my most serious opponent yet."

Usik also replied to Belle's statement that the upcoming fight would be war: "I will do what I like – boxing, and we are both trying to prove it, so it's a great fight."

"Usquis before challenging matches is fun during training, demonstrating his dance skills

Eddy Hirn, two prominent promoters, said, "I can not believe that such a huge fight has been organized so easily: it is a battle of undisputable champion status, without drama, tears and sharpness between the two camps." At that moment, Gerne stopped Belle and said, "Do not say it, we have time."

At the end of the conference, Belle said: "I am convinced that the moment I left the first heavyweight division, I was the best in this category, I was fighting a man no one wanted and won." And on Saturday night, the belt and head of the champion headband for the absolute champion. "

Fight for the night on Saturday and the match will be the first light champion Usik champion in the first light weight (up to 90.7 kg) in the designs IBF, WBO, WBC, WBA and The Ring.

Photo: We fight with Briez and Usika (27/01/2018, Riga)

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