VIDEO: An exclusive ship is being built in Riga to sail in Cannes

An exclusive cruise ship will be built in the port of Riga at the request of a French company, which will in fact be a floating island, said the program “No Taboo”.

Based on an order from the French company “Smart Island Riviera”, an exclusive ship is being built on the territory of the company “Latitude Yachts” in the port of Riga – a floating island, which is to be moored on the French Riviera near Cannes in the future. On the floating island there will be a beach club with a restaurant, bar and swimming pool, which can accommodate approximately 400 guests at a time.

It is expected that in the spring the unique float will go to the French coast, where the internal work will be completed and will be open for guests in the summer.

The name of the ship is already known and it will be “Canua Island”. The ceremony will take place in France.


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