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November 10, 2018 at 00:00
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the internet is simple and takes little time. However, by buying
always pay special attention to things on the Internet, or
targeted clothing is good for your size. This is particularly true
important if the shopping list is new or used women
, buy "from
hands ". Continue reading and find out what
keep always wise to buy!

tips for smarter shopping

Keep in mind that your search includes an elegant winter coat or
modern summer dresses, shopping online will be more successful,
if you follow these four tips:

Determine your size

the body tends to change as well as the size of the garment manufacturers
standards differ. Smart shopping is valuable from time to time
Repeat action.

hips, waist and chest circumference and note
such as a smartphone, to make it possible if needed
comparison with target tag parameters.

Know your style

Are you doing this?
Close lines are solid lines, classic silhouettes and monochrome colors
gamma? Female, romantic characters, soft silhouettes and
Crayons? Dress dresses, bohemian negligent slant?
Stylish and lively clothing that you can not overlook on the street?

your personal taste, buying clothes on the internet will happen
much easier – you'll soon find out which women's dresses
put it in your wardrobe.

Think about it
To create your own style, create a Pinterest collage
nice clothes and colors and walks in moments,
when looking for new clothes!

Buy Quality Items

Clicking the "Buy" button definitely focuses on your target

  • design
    – is it thoughtful? If the desire is unusual,
    whether it will be nice for you and suitable for your lifestyle
    would you really want to wear it?

  • rust
    – if you bought a second-hand clothing or you realize how to photograph it
    a piece of clothing "falls" on its former owner
    height? Maybe there is a close up of clothing, which shows how
    the stitches of the garment were broken (this is also one of the quality
    indicators) ?;

  • for the substance
    – The seller is accurately stated on what materials
    made ladies' clothing? Different fabrics have
    Different benefits – Synthetic materials are often
    more resistant to friction, but natural materials,
    for example, cotton or linen has much better air
    Transparency properties.

Buy only trusted sites

new and used
Doubtful aspects of good reputation may be unpleasant
The clothing you get can
different from those shown in the figures, and may be
poor quality and insufficient to the promised size.

Pay attention to the fact that the chosen site is trusted.
For example, buying new and used pearls online
You can be sure on the Andelemandel trading platform
the portal management has reviewed the published ad
content and also provide support for potential issues.

Pay attention when looking at clothing ads
To intelligence?


Photo: Shutterstock.com

In the steam room you will find countless original, well preserved
pearls – elegant clothing and stylish accessories
beautiful things for living. But I'm studying
the platform may have a question – how
to know if the ladies' clothing available matches your size?

manufacturer's size standards vary (depending on the brand
place of origin and target audience, with one brand,
or S, with another – size M). Purchase
new or used apparel over Andelemandel, you can
Find out the match size in two ways:

  1. knowledge
    with a brand name tag.
    You have tested, for example, the used MANGO or Lindex a
    you are not sure of its size, you can use the link yourself
    a clothing table published on the website. It is true
    the method is not always appropriate for a small known brand or one well-known brand
    replicas of beads;

  2. ask
    pearl salesman, clothes match the set size?

    What size does the current costume owner wear? Maybe you can
    Use it as a reference point to see if it's a dress
    will it be good for you?

online, it is important to get as much information as possible
purchase. Andelemandelet therefore recommends
Please also ask the dealer to purchase the product

  • state of things
    – the number of times the ladies' clothing is placed on the market;
    or shoes? Will the intended shoes be unnecessary?
    new azoles? Do not look at watched cotton yarns and
    knee pants?

  • fabrics
    – Maybe a pearl is made
    of artificial fur, but only the vendor can do it
    characterize its structure – are feathers soft or hard?
    Are stuck fabrics flexible or solid? Tracking
    white shirt is translucent or not?

  • delivery
    – How do you get a woman's dress
    in hands? If the purchase amount is small, but the distance is large, convenient
    For example, the Omniva service will be available. But if you a
    the seller lives in one city or is bought
    larger (for example, designer bag or cashmere sweater);
    maybe it's worth seeing face-to-face?

It's yours
The wardrobe must be improved this year
? Get clever
– come in

online trading platform and release a beautiful pearl

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