After threatening to publish Tamer Hosni's reports, Jalila: Min Basma … wise to say the end that there is not?

Elizabeth's exclusive statement, artist Jalila revealed many personal secrets and stressed that she was not ashamed to admit cosmetic surgery and claimed that all artists are currently working for a medical revolution in the field of cosmetic surgery and explained the truth of her disagreement with her friend Halima Bulandem, and the wife of Egyptian artist Tamer Hosni.

"How do you dare to pick up your pictures when you make money, and you have them in the air?" Jalila replied, "no, brother, all artists or most artists are setting up operations below, I am a clear and honest person, I love myself and I'm sick, I care for myself, and I hope the process will be 100 steps.

Asked if she was the result of a cosmetic surgery, she said, "She could be the only woman who lost her face."

When asked for Basma Bousil, wife Tamer Hosni, she said, "Min Bassma, what do I know?" Snape Chat posted a video, Busil's mockery and like Michael Jackson threatened to post the news that Hosni sent her two days ago.

"I did not attack her," she said, "but when I got to Iraq, she joined me and said," How are you? "She told me," I have to defend her, but I was neutral. "One person, although my father, people accepted me, Akramony and the love that surprised her speech and happened between me and the dispute. and she sold me messages from the base of her friends who cursed me … They were zealous,

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