All MTC TOUCH services in Lebanon are canceled and logged in

Touch Telecom is a Lebanese telecommunications subsidiary of Zain Group, which was established in 2004. It specializes in the operation of mobile networks and seeks to provide its customers with the best services. It has more than fifteen branches for customer service in Lebanon. MTC TOUCH in Lebanon and familiarize yourself with the company's services in more detail than the route extension and service costs, in addition to identifying the number of MTC Touch customer services to communicate with the company and gaining a detailed understanding of all Touch codes and offers.

Extended operation of MTC TOUCH lines

MTC TOUCH helps its customers and allows them not to lose their lines, to extend the validity of lines for one day, three days or five days for one day for 70 cents by sending SMS to 1199 containing EV1 for three days, price 3 dollars via sms to 1199 Includes ev3 and five days the price of $ 5 via sms to 1199 includes ev5 Note: All services are automatically refreshed every month provided the phone is balanced enough.

Touch Touch Customer Service Number

If you encounter any technical problem, you can contact Customer Service directly from 111:00 to 23:00. This call does not contain any MTC TOUCH number.

MTC TOUCH offers in Lebanon

  • How to know your balance in MTC TOUCH : Press * 220 #.
  • Credit transfer service from your number to the second number in your contact: By sending a message to 1199 containing the number you want to transfer the balance, then the letter T and the number of English dollars to be converted without having to leave any space between the letters and numbers, for example (79000000T3) and you can convert a maximum of $ 10 in each process and conditionally The second number is also the MTC.
  • WEB and TALK service For $ 14 a month on prepaid lines. This service includes a free call within Lebanon, 450 megabytes, five hours of call to a selected number and 450 SMS messages. To register, send a 1100 message containing the letter w and select the desired number. * To dial and cancel the service, send Dw to 1100.
  • The company has awarded honors from other companies The USD 4 service is an international call We talk to Egypt, Syria, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh for 10 minutes and send 10 SMS messages for just $ 4. To cancel the service, send the message to 1100 and enter the pwa command.
  • There is a tempting offer from MTC Send a message that contains all the numbers that called you while your phone is out of coverage Or turn off for $ 1 and order to send SMS containing MC to 1188.
  • View 200 metric hours per month Wattasab $ 400, $ 1,500, $ 1,500 for $ 17, $ 5 for $ 27 for the first bid, a mission message of 1100 containing WA, a second message of 1188, type Hs1, activating a third offer, sending a message 1188, type Hs2, By number 1188 and entering .
  • Sixth, the company was surprised by the unimaginable view of using the MTC TOUCH line inside the plane.

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