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It is widely believed that the great support of blasphemous, highly discouraging letters of apostasy has influenced only the broad masses that are the nature of their oral intake, lacking consistency / consistency. And encouraging: self-glorification of counterfeiting of "ego history" to beautify it on the one hand, and encircle the leaders of the coup on the other, and instigate another, certainly propaganda / unscientific conspiracy and inevitability of hostility and disruption at the level of discourse;

That's what many see at first glance. The fact is that the "cultural elites", the so-called "elites," are the first to be absorbed by this propaganda propaganda, transformed in all the countries of the Arab world, even in those countries that did not control their revolutionary / revolutionary destiny! "Media" / cultural "bubbles", which are cheap propaganda for the next national glory, restored by the inspiring Arab leader, or the golden Islamic era, which will be restored by the expected "caliph" on the dream locomotive with the slogan: "Islam is the solution."

The Arab world is moving towards a liberal horizon with an impulse of essentially liberal time

The withdrawal of dreams of nationalism and Islamism was not satisfied until the mid-1990s. But it is a relatively early beginning, because the illusion of illusion is gradually dispersed in favor of "liberal Arab time", which is created through all cultural, religious and geopolitical challenges.

Undoubtedly, this promising Arabian time has not been open for decades, which has been the case for many factors.

  1. The fall of the communist-socialist camp. A dramatic fall that has undermined all the dreams that have fueled the imagination of anti-Western liberals over the years, opening the way to the spread of the Western liberal model in many countries around the world, including those countries that have been the central axis of the communist system. This universal victory (with its many contexts and levels) gave the liberal model a vast global meritocracy, to the extent that some enthusiasts were tempted to write it as "the end of history". In ten years or less, we have seen many Arab left intellectuals move with ease, or with every distrust from afar from left to right, But sometimes to the far right.
  2. The Second Gulf War. The invasion of Iraq by Kuwait and the subsequent Arab-Arab harmonization with this or this Arab party (which explains the depth of divisions / divisions achieved or potential) provided a death certificate for the greatest Arab illusions that Arab culture has long been satisfied with true belief or self-deception. It seems that the fantasies of unity, one Arab nation and a common Arab fate, on the eve of this war, seemed like "silly jokes" that only those who suffer from a sharp separation in relation to reality reflect.
    The illusion of transatlantic unity, one Arab nation, and a common Arab fate was represented by teenagers of military coups for mass consumption, which were presented as exceptional and inspiring leaders, while they were nothing but empty "cartoon leaders" of meaning and lack of the simplest elements of power. But the power of illusion when she thought of the global power equation and the elements of the national renaissance driven by throbbing throats, and their fate determined by the falsification of false media, and the applause of the masses that took the world still on the borders of Dahas and Ghbary, Nitra ibn Shaddad and the myths of Abizaid Hilali … etc.

    Countries with high economic potential have better access to the liberal world

    These coup leaders, who undermined the promising origins of the Arab liberal spirit, presented their fateful elections with strong anti-Western positions, positions that did not reduce the emphasis on Western hostility, Western aggression, Western bias, and Western conspiracy.
    However, the Gulf War revealed a shocking reality: the Arab nationalist is more dangerous to Arabs than all Western liberal imperialist countries, and even claimed that the West could be an ally who protects the homeland from the "supposed brother" aggression.
    The spirit of hostility towards the West (the West, which is not only a source of liberal thought but also its practical execution) is no longer Western, to see the whole picture without being psychologically / historically beautiful.

  3. Globalization. This is a factor associated with the former, the collapse of the Eastern Socialist model encouraged the liberal capitalist model of the West to expand, and the whole world, which was closed before 1990, was open to multinational corporations, liberal capital had the freedom it had not before, Many non-capitalist capitalist models in the early years of transformation. All this contributes to the balance of liberal thinking and strengthens the model that seems to sweep the world with an economic passport that opens all the doors.
  4. Growth and even an unprecedented explosion in trans-state media and the spread of communication methods that go beyond all forms of government and community censorship. Space media, and especially the Internet, have played a huge and decisive role in promoting a liberal model that can no longer be overshadowed by its spectacular achievements in the West, as well as many countries in the East, especially Japan and emerging Asian tigers.
    This model, which has won more than one level, has become the hope of the overwhelming majority of the world's people thanks to globalized media. Their screens, which themselves are in front of the messages contained in the reality of freedom, are chosen by the recipient who selects his material from millions of available materials, but not the sender, who has determined the recipient's quality and timing of what he sees, hears, and tracks.

Where Arabs are an integral part of this globalized world of liberalism, there is no room for those who report Western freedom, Western progress and human dignity in the West, etc. They will be rejected, even ridiculed, even by their young children. Liberal perception in a model that has rights and choices for children over adults, for children over adults, should not be compromised.

All these and other things in his context reinforce the fact that the Arab world has begun to accelerate steps towards liberal time, and that it is his destiny, as well as the fate of the world from far west to far east.

The withdrawal of dreams of nationalism and Islamism was not satisfied until the mid-1990s

Yes, the Arab world is moving towards a liberal horizon with momentum essentially liberal time, despite the importance of procedural steps to speed up this process, leading to many obstacles, perhaps to the gate of the exploding dam.

If at this historic moment the fate of the world, as estimated by the Arab world, countries with high economic potential, including many Arab countries, have a better chance to enter the liberal world.

In this context, it is gratifying that many recent decisions in our conservative countries support this promising openness towards greater engagement in this world, a world that continues to develop, and which does not accept isolation. Disappearance.

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