Biting a cat will cause the death of a British tourist in Morocco

LONDON (Reuters) – A British citizen died after being raped by a rabbit in a piece of cat, health officials said on Monday.

British media quoted the Department of Health as saying that "a British tourist is present in the Kingdom of Morocco and found that the reasons for his death have a common relationship between cats infected by pricing."

In their statement, British health authorities warned all travelers to Morocco and other countries to "be careful when approaching domestic animals because they fear prices and other contagious diseases."

"We call on all British travelers to be vigilant, especially in countries where rabies occur," says Mary Ramsey, Director of Immunization at the Department. "It's dangerous for their lives."

The World Health Organization (WHO) points out that rabies are "a zoonotic disease (animal-human) caused by a virus". This disease affects animals and wild animals and ranges from animal to human through a narrow exposure to infected substances, usually by saliva, bite or scratch.

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