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French coach Patrice Cartier has decided to make several team changes in the next season after the Reds lost their African title to Esperance on Friday with a 3-0 win at the Rades Stadium.

The Chief Technology Officer announced he would not pay some of the players who had dropped significantly in the past, and did not take advantage of many opportunities provided by technical staff led by Mido Jaberer and the Islamic warrior and Marwan Mohsen and Salif Kulibaly.

In the opinion of the technical staff that these players did not do what they had, and that the facility was resolute and gave them many opportunities for their objective and impartial assessment, but the players were not responsible, so the French coach Ahli gradually eliminated these players from forming the team gave an opportunity to those who are better than they lead them is Salah Mohsen and Mohamed Sharif.

Carrton has also settled heavily on Sherif Ekrami's return to team matches after having gained many opportunities and many times appearing because he had obvious mistakes and influence in some important matches, perhaps the most important sponsor who has fined Al-Tarji's penalty in the final stage of Africa in Burj Al Arab, He had a great influence in getting rid of Ahli's African title.

In the technical staff's view, it makes sense to get Sharif Ikrami an opportunity once again after working hard in the past, he did not raise any problem and was an example of determination and he played his role as a team leader, along with his long experience, which always qualified him to defend Al Ain .

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