Do you have fat fat?

Do you have fat fat? Are we eating fat is what makes you fat? Is it eating the fat that's banging you? New news we publish today through our news sites and start with the most important news, eating fat is what makes you fat?

Our report was the belief of Americans over the past two decades that fat consumption is responsible for obesity and weight gain, but many research denies it.

According to Aaron Carroll, a professor of pediatrics at the Indiana University Medical School, fat consumption does not cause weight gain, and on the contrary, it can help us lose a few pounds.

Therefore, it is recommended to add certain foods to our diet, such as avocados, salmon and nuts.

Professor Aaron is based on a study that compares people with a high fat and low carbohydrate diet with people who follow a low carbohydrate diet with a high carbohydrate content. The study concludes that people who consume very limited amounts of fat do not lose weight and have no health benefits.

On the other hand, people who adhere to diet rich in fats and poorly refined carbohydrates such as white bread and white rice

They've lost weight and have some health benefits.

For doctors and dietitians, these findings suggest that the real reason for weight gain is not fat consumption, it is the consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates that are easily degraded and converted to sugar.

Poor fat diet does not help to lose weight!

One study comparing 135,000 people who watched two previous diets in 18 different countries found that the link between the death penalty – all causes – and the low fat diet is stronger, as well as a higher link between them and lesions and strokes.

The study, on the other hand, found that people who follow a diet low in carbohydrates are less likely than previously.
Many studies in the same area showed the same results.

In an eight-year study of 50,000 women, nearly half of them took care of a low-fat diet, which eventually did not show any reduction in the risk of breast, colon or heart disease, weight loss – in case of loss – was very simple.

"Studies and evidence supporting low-carb diet are very high compared to a significant lack of evidence supporting low-fat diets," he said.

The body needs fat to perform its functions:

Fat is essential and important for blood clotting and muscle mobility and is a major component of cell membranes, a cell membrane that is a shield that encapsulates every cell of the body, in addition to its role in creating a nerve-lining container.

Ultimately, fats help absorb vitamins and minerals from the food we eat.

When a person does not eat fat, he tends to consume lots of sugar and refined carbohydrates, and the consumption of these two substances is related to weight gain and obesity.

After reviewing 50 weight gain studies, he found that the higher the consumption of refined grains (white bread and white rice), the higher the weight, but this is not the case in a diet that contains whole grain foods such as brown rice, bread or whole grains.

What is involved in the problem is that eating sugar and refined carbohydrates increases the desire for food and over-eating.

Eat more fish, avocados and nuts

It should not be forgotten that some types of fat are healthier and better than others, not all fats are alike and have the same nutritional value and benefit for health and must – as we have already mentioned – increase in healthy fats such as fish and avocados instead of an animal, according to one of my Harvard University Nutrition Professionals who took the study we are now talking about.

In this study, which was recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, scientists have investigated what happens to humans when replacing some of their saturated fat (often found in meat and dairy products) with unsaturated fats, and this substitute has many benefits Reduced risk of death and many cases, such as heart disease and many degenerative neurological diseases.

According to Harvard Health Regulations, healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts and fish are called monounsaturated fats, and trans fats and saturated fats such as those found in processed foods are unhealthy.

As a result, taking fat will not be fatter for you, but it's over sugar.

  • Translation: Omar Ismail
  • Control: Magda Zidane
  • Editing: Tasnim Almnajjid
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