Wednesday , July 17 2019
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Extended Judicial Assembly … to morally and materially immunize judges

The meeting was held between the President and members of the Supreme Judicial Council and the acting Chairman of the State Council, Head of Audit Office, Government Commissioner in the State Advisory Council, Attorney General at the Audit Office and Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Governors. "Opinions of the participants and their concerns in the light of the new reality".

The results of some items of the 2019 draft budget for judges were examined.

They demanded that "the moral, material and social guarantees of judges must be strengthened and necessary for the existence of a competent and independent judicial body, a requirement of all Lebanese citizens, while removing some of the judges' physical and social guarantees, as set out in the draft budget. His abilities do not hurt in this direction.

"The judiciary is the only judicial authority in Lebanon that has never ceased to purify and commit to strict ethical rules. It supports the state in rationalizing its spending, but not by depriving the judge of more than 50% of health insurance and social benefits". .

And they agreed to "hand over the President of the Republic and the Chairman of the Council of Representatives and the Prime Minister a book on the current situation of the judiciary, which will not exceed a budget of zero 5% of the state budget, while the Ministry of Justice is one of the ministries that are financially ready for the state," public finances in exchange for the disastrous consequences for justice in Lebanon and for the work of the judiciary.

The meeting was held openly to monitor matters, and judges should be invited to the General Assembly to report on developments and developments in the field.

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