Google brings the scrolling feature of the screenshots on Android R

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Dave Burke, one of Google's engineers, said the company plans to switch to the Android R screen, confirming that it is one of the first features to be added to the Andorid update.

Google has many features that can be added in the upcoming versions of the Andoride operating system, which is one of the required features of Andoride.

Dave Burke, head of Android platform development, recently noted that shifting between frames will be one of the features of the Android R update, so it's time to add this feature to Android. This fall.


Screen Scrolling is one of the features already offered in some smartphones, delivered through Shawomi and Huawei, along with Samsung via the corporate interface, with a different name in every company.

Some features of phone giants are already listed in the operating system, including the multi-window feature of the Galaxy Note 3, and then came to the Android platform in Android 7 Nougat.




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