Great hope will soon reach the exit from government decay

Block member "Strong Lebanon" Roger Azar said that "despite the obstacles we face with the initiative of Minister Gebrana Bassila, but the hope is great that soon the result of the creation of a government from the bottlenecks" and adds that "There is no doubt that the train of the Lebanese contract that is long waiting for Lebanon will begin, especially when all parties understand the extent of economic and social risks and try to get out of the tunnel. "

Azar said in an interview with the Kuwait newspaper Al-Anbaa that "what we are witnessing is a slowdown in tensions between the Sunni Independent participants and the decisive evidence of the approaching vulva," adding that "the Covenant was undoubtedly influenced by the hurdle of government formation, preparations are underway, the birth of the government begins, and during the four years remaining before delivery to Lebanon, will be able to become strong and capable and capable of economic, social, environmental and service.

Azar denied "the existence of the resistance of the Free Patriotic Movement for the historic reconciliation between Marada and the Lebanese forces," and stressed that "any reconciliation between Lebanese forces, regardless of their differences in political orientation, is an added value for the Lebanese state and entity, can the creek be open to all and have the largest parliamentary block and the greatest number of ministers in the next government to feel that the reconciliation between Bnshi and Maarab is surrounded by a Christian? "We also condemned the conversation that the reconciliation between Suleiman Franjieh and Samir Geage" the footsteps of Minister Basil, because everyone in Lebanon knows and knows that the battle of the presidency of the Republic is subject to many influences and reflections both local and external, describes this speech irresponsibly.

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