Hyundai Nitra Sport 2019 is revealed in a more elegant and aggressive design

Written by Hani Nasr Al Arabi – You are now reading the news about the Hyundai Nitra Sport 2019 in a more elegant and lively design and now with full details only on the Bay 365

After Hyundai officially revealed the 2019, which received the Vis Lift update, it made it a more elegant and aggressive model in August when it officially revealed a new version of the sport "Hyundai Nitra Sport 2019" and it is a version of "Sportback" which lies between the sedan version and hatchback.

The construction of the new car has made them look more dynamic and furious than previous models, before the car has been given a large new front grille with a black spindle color, and on top of the shiny chrome frame and the hood became the line and fencing of the Petition.

The headlamps came with a rectangular design drawn on the sides of the car with large xenon bulbs and daytime running lights surrounded by fog lights at the bottom of the bumper on both sides of the side panels.

On both sides of the car is a chrome frame, which is located at the bottom of the bumper with 18-inch sports tires and side mirrors of the same color as the car body with a turn indicator on the rear of the car. From the red chrome in sporty form, two metal suction fuel suction cups and a rear wing over the box.

The interior of the car is sports seats with a red cover and the color also comes in the interior of the doors and speakers and the front drum, the center console is a 7-inch navigation screen with smaller screen information for docking and automatic gearbox with positioning buttons.

The bikers have a triangular sporty look with buttons on the left to receive the phone and control the recorder while the buttons on the right side of the docks control the information screen and the speed stabilizer button.

This car was delivered with the same engine version that was available last year, a 1.6-liter turbocharger that produces 201 horsepower at a cylinder speed of 6000 rpm and a 195 lb-ft torque at 1500 rpm with bus The move is 7-speed or you can set a six-speed manual gearbox.

Although Hyundai has not officially published the car, it is likely to cost $ 20,000, roughly 75,000 Saudi rivals.

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