In St. Therese … Arrest of a little girl

Director General of Internal Security and Public Communication announced in a statement that "on 8 October 2018, the Public Relations Department of the Employees Department received a complaint from a small girl about her extortion by a person known as Tirex and threatens to publish her photos on the social media in the event that his wishes are not met.

As a result of extensive investigations and investigations carried out by the Beirut Judicial Unit, the Department of Forensic Police has been able to locate and detain a suspect at the site of Saint-Therese, who was born in Lebanon in 1999. In his questioning, he admitted that he was accused and found he had precedents and drug abuse in this area. The investigation is under the supervision of the appropriate judiciary.

Therefore, the General Directorate of the Force of Homeland Security calls for citizens to refrain from shooting or filming inappropriately under any circumstances in order not to become victims, and do not hesitate to report these cases immediately. "

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