In the footsteps "witness Mashafs needs" .. Ahmed Manawishi "Director need"

Sunday, November 18,

Window in the World – Many people often turn to websites to get information about anonymous people, but Ahmed Manawishi, who himself calls himself a director, has no influence on the World Wide Web. If we do not have any information about it and we do not have a personal file, we make sure it's a blind person who did not hear about the sites. This is true for Ahmad Manawishi, who is famous for his glory in the world of directorial activity, and we can not find any of his alleged successes.

After a long search, it was found that the paid page brought people to their opinions and drew attention to their work, which is a point in the sea of ​​rising film makers. The "paid" site evaluates two Manawishi works, Fawzair Miriam Faris, In 2010, which did not exceed the number of episodes of several thousand episodes over the course of 8 years, according to YouTube statistics and other artwork run by the Agent Missy series in 2014.

Then came the opportunity that gold was awarded by the Cairo Film Festival to "Manaweshi" design the festival fashion, a window of Egypt into the world of art that Manoichi did in an unprofessional way. The opportunity for someone else is professional, which is a natural thing that happens between two parties. If the demand is not met, Manawishi distorts the country's first festival through windows of various social media.

Source: Day 7

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