Instagram will begin to remove everything that is fake when it is applied

In an article published on an official website, he announced that the InterGrid network is officially launching today and is struggling to remove everything that is fake on its platform.

Instagram said it would actually start removing all the false testimonials, follow-up steps and comments, especially those bills that buy fake followers hoping to keep track of their personal accounts.

Instagram adds that it has recently discovered many accounts that third parties use to third party applications to increase their followers. In order to fight and not expand these apps and other accounts and counterfeit comments, it has created tools for supervising learning machines that help identify accounts, and automatic removal of likes, subsequent comments and comments. All accounts that have been identified as third-party applications will be alerted to increasing your company's popularity if phantom attributes have been removed.

Instagram also said that if third-party apps violate account security, accounts that violate any of the criteria will require a password change.

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