Jamal Sulaiman Moudaa elements: not long!

Al-Miyya and the Mieh camp head to the stage after Ansar Allah's departure, Jamal Sulaiman, from the camp, not only for the restoration of the camp to normal life, the resumption of schooling and the return of spirit to their institutions and institutions. Revoke warriors and end the warning on both sides of the recent "Fatah" and "Ansar Allah" clashes that contribute to the fortification of its territory and stability, and through the fortifications of the Palestinian arena in Lebanon. This is what the Palestinian National and Islamic Forces are trying to establish by taking initiatives to keep the situation in the camp at least during this period of daily observation and attention to all its details, including bridging the gap between Fatah supporters and supporters of Ansar Allah Minimum coexistence in the camp to protect the success achieved by removing all the bombings that threaten the safety of the camp and its surroundings, and keep the central cause of the Palestinian people and the best relations with the Lebanese district officially, security and people.

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The convoy of four SUVs and 20 members of his family (his four wives and sons) and some of his elements went away. Secretary General Ansar Allah Jamal Suleiman left camp al-Miyya and Miyya at midnight on Wednesday. The area around Sidon in the first destination is the southern suburbs of Beirut, according to informed Palestinian sources, likely to be moved to Syria.

According to these sources, Suleiman called the remaining officials and members of "Ansar Allah" into a safe box inside the camp with brief words in which it seemed clear to their morals that "nothing will change in the camp" after his departure and that it is not too much long! Which is probably a certain way of preserving the coherence of the elements in its absence.

Al-Mustaqbal learned that the agreement to leave Suleiman, which was supposed to be one of the basic terms of the ceasefire agreement, was formulated in a separate form signed by both parties, namely Fatah and Ansar Allah, alongside the Amal and Al-Hezbollah contains details of what is required of them in post-Suleiman, and requires the survival of the Ansar Allah Movement in the Second Cassette and Military Officer Maher Awaid Oversight and Maintenance of Weapons, and the commitment of both sides of the "Open" and Supporters of God, "does not mean, that we interrupt the armistice or provoke one of the others under any pretext and resort to a problem to the Common Palestinian frameworks through the Joint Palestinian Labor Office. In the same context, he learned that Suleiman wants to take with him some of his close associates who consider Khazni to be secrets or for the persons they represent provoked a challenge to Fatah, especially to those who demanded their release, along with some documents and documents that are important to him. Shortly before Suleiman left, about 25 members of the Ansar Allah movement from the Ein el-Hilweh camp were brought to the security square headed by military official Maher Awaid.

Several hours after Sulaiman left and fulfilled the final provisions of the ceasefire agreement, the Fatah movement plunged to remove weapons and fortifications from some previous combat sites in the camp, ending armed demonstrations in preparation for a return to normal. Camp during recent clashes.

Abu Arab

During an excursion to Al-Mustaqbal, accompanied by officials of the Fatah movement, who retained their position and the main points in the camp, reduced their armed appearance outside of these locations, everything seemed calm. The activist movement of some individuals has been involved in increasing the effects of clashes. .

Physicians were willing to encourage people to come back and restore their normal lives. Palestinian National Security Force Leader in Lebanon, Major General Subhi Abu Arab, oversaw the removal of this weapon, accompanied by Brig-Gen Said al-Asous. After the tour, Abu Arab described the camp's situation as excellent and said, "The camp population is happy with what happened today after the departure of Jamal Sulaiman and his family. We started removing al-Dushm to restore the normal life of this camp and opened schools and clinics to return to life as it has been in the past Abu Arab refused the existence of any retaliatory intention among the Fatah fans and said, "We want to keep this camp and its people. As for the brothers in the neighborhood, we assure them that we were with Mayor Mieh and Mieh and earlier we met with Usam Saad and Deputy Bahia Hariri and God willing, things are excellent and we call them and you are one. We also want to keep our camp and ourselves, we want to keep you. It will start with a new but great page. "We have just received a telephone call from UNRWA and said they will come to work tomorrow to remove the debris and things in the schools to open the schools on Monday."


On the other hand, the leader of the Ansar Allah movement, Maher Oweid, followed the removal of the grenade. On the front of the building, a large image of Jamal Suleiman, the general secretary of the movement, appeared. "Following the tragic events at the Miyama camp and the efforts of our Amal and Hezbollah brothers, all the obstacles that have been achieved in the camp have been removed and we have agreed to withdraw soldiers and remove blood so that life returns to normal," Awaid said. We apologize to the Palestinian people for the events that have taken place and that the arms must go to Palestine to free the whole of Palestine from the sea to its river. And our hand is expanding to any agreement that interests our nation and our cause and our people, and today we have no interest but to maintain the safety of the camps.


Palestinian factions and National and Islamic Forces issued a statement stating that, based on Palestinian and Lebanese efforts, schools, clinics and businesses, the return of parents to their homes, the sadness of our people's wounds, and the launch of a repair workshop.

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