Kuwait is in the process of signing agreements with China

The Arab Banking Union has recently organized an "Arab-Chinese Business and Banking Forum" under the title "Activation of the Belt & Roads Initiative" on the edge of the 2018 Arabian Financial and Banking Week.

The meeting was held in Beirut in the presence of the Chairman of the Federation Board and KIB, head of Mohammed Jarrah Al-Sabah, a member of the Chinese Congress and chairman of the Silk Road Chamber of Commerce, led by a senior Chinese delegation, and businessmen and leaders of the Chinese and Arab banks.

Sheikh Mohammed said: "This forum aims to find a mechanism and platform for discussion on areas of new partnerships between China and Arab countries in the framework of the band and road initiative and the promotion of growing Chinese-Arab cooperation, reflected in various Chinese investments and projects in of many Arab countries, the Government praised the historic Arab-Chinese relations and noted that the principles and common interests of both parties that are rooted daily are largely based on China's official initiatives towards the Arab region. "

He stressed that the Arab countries are in the process of signing important agreements with China, and Kuwait is one of these countries, points out that some countries have concluded these agreements and others are in the process of implementation, as is the case in Kuwait, and that Arab countries Arab Banks Want, Openness and Chinese Demand for Arab Investment and Commercial Markets.

In conclusion, he said that Sino-Arab trade cooperation is very important, because from this international bloc (China and the Arab countries) the economic bloc is just as important for US and European bloc and the Arab countries should deal with this issue from this point of view.

The Forum discussed a number of important topics, the most important of which are joint projects in the field of industrialization, regional development opportunities in industrial areas and ways of financing the Silk Road initiative. He also watched the establishment of Arab-Chinese banks in Lebanon to fund the reconstruction of some Arab countries such as Syria, Yemen, Iraq, infrastructure projects and investment projects.

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