Lebanon's southern waters have achieved financial savings of LLL 11 billion this year

Chairman of the Board of Directors of South Lebanon Water Corporation dr. Wase Daher held a press conference in the Saida Foundation building where he presented stages, goals, plans and programs.

"One of the Foundation's goals is to provide drinking water to every citizen in Southern Lebanese areas, increase water quality, eliminate groundwater problems, reduce operating and maintenance costs, increase institution revenue, and reduce costs," he said.

He added: "The projects that have been implemented have been building water infrastructure and using central control to monitor the production and use of solar energy to generate electricity and adopt modern drinking water methods to improve quality in line with national and global standards as well as interventions against all violations, in all areas of southern Lebanon, particularly in the city of Sidon and surrounding, which contributed to the increase in the number of participants and activation of the collection and rationalization of expenditure.

He pointed out that 6686 arrest warrants had been imposed at the level of the violation since the start of the campaign, stressing that "this campaign does not allow violations altogether."

He pointed out that he "started the installation of 5000 meters in the Jezzine and Bint Jbeil areas as well as the city of Saida to quickly join the users of the meters and to prepare studies on the expansion pumping stations in Taiba and Al-Wazzani."

"The financial results achieved in 2018 are increasing the company's revenues by £ 9 billion by October and reducing spending to £ 2 billion, which means total savings of 11 billion Lebanese pounds for the current year.

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