More than tomatoes .. Fight against skin cancer and more

Daily consumption of tomatoes significantly reduces the risk of skin cancer, according to a new study published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports.

Scientists who conducted the study that the material responsible for adding red tomatoes can be a secret in the fight against sun damage.

In a mouse experiment, researchers found that those who ate tomato powder daily for 35 weeks reduce the amount of skin cancer.

Scientists said that all mice were exposed to ultraviolet radiation, one of the skin cancer factors.

Mice that consumed tomato powder reduced the likelihood of fatal tumors by about 50%.

Scientists have confirmed that red carotenoid carotenoids (carotenoid) that have affected the incidence of skin cancer and not green tomatoes.

It should be noted that these results were used only in male rats and eating female tomatoes had no effect on reducing the size of the cancer.

Benefits of tomatoes
The benefits of tomatoes are not limited to the fight against skin cancer, but include:
Helps regulate blood sugar in diabetic patients
Prevention of cardiovascular diseases
Helps lose weight
Anti-wrinkles and signs of aging
Prevention of osteoporosis
Prevention of constipation.

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