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New study: Lead exposure affects mental health

His penetration into the body of children leads to their psychological problems

Cairo: Dr. Hani Ramzy Awad

There is no doubt that constant exposure to heavy metal vapors and various pollutants in the atmosphere leads to many health problems, whether they have a direct impact on humans or an indirect impact on climate, plants and other organisms.
Given the importance of this topic, there are thousands of studies from various perspectives, the latest being the American study of Duke University scientists that highlighted a number of health risks and long-term exposure of children to the increasing number of harmful metals that lead lead to the most important; influence children's mental abilities in the distant future.

– Penetration of lead
The study, published in the January issue of the Journal of the American Psychiatric Association (JAMA), tracked 600 New Zealand born children from 1972 to 1973. This is the period when the various gases contained a large amount of lead. Exposure to lead-based gases was measured at the age of 11, followed by a study of mental and mental health and cognitive abilities for these children aged 18, 21, 26, 32 and 38 years.
When measuring blood lead levels, almost all the children studied had high levels of lead in their blood and most of them had a small but very significant proportion of psychological problems when they arrived and later in the middle age, which meant they were more nervous and tense and nervous excitement.
Scientists have also found that exposure to increasing amounts of lead vapor is associated with increased levels of addiction to drugs, smoking and alcoholism and also suffers from depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and sometimes even full psychosis.
Researchers have pointed out that the most dangerous use of lead pipes is to supply water to citizens in a certain period, which means injuries to a larger number of children, including those who are not directly exposed to fumes and gases, especially that the influence of lead on children is associated with previous studies and related to the occurrence of reduced IQ IQ and behavioral change.
Researchers noted that the risk had previously been in the absence of these symptoms only after long periods of up to three decades, which dealt with oil producers and various gases without sufficient seriousness. Now, however, there must be a strong control over the amount of lead that must be found in each product and do not allow these rates to be exceeded at all.

– Life problems
According to the study, the psychological and mental changes caused by this exposure may be associated with the child for the rest of their lives. New Zealand in the 1970s was one of the countries with lead-acid products such as gasoline. Of course, continual efforts to combat environmental pollution naturally brought fruit.
For example, at the beginning of this study where blood lead was measured in children aged 11 years, 94% of their blood contained 5 micrograms per deciliter of blood (mcg-dL) Perform steps to perform many different tests and radiation to ensure that the body does not affect harmful way.
Also, when repeated mental and psychological health researches were conducted on these children and found to be more susceptible to mental illness and psychosis, an important question the study attempted to answer was: "These children who have become adults in their 40s or 50s, treat now? Unfortunately, these drugs have not been a drug for decades, but symptoms can only be alleviated, the history of exposure to a large amount of lead should be taken into account in the minds of doctors in diagnosing some psychiatric illnesses, become an assistant.
The American Academy of Paediatrics has pointed out that positive changes in the mental and mental health of children from the control of lead ratios are very promising and that the amount of lead in the blood of children today can not be compared with the amount of lead in today's blood of children compared to those that existed in the seventies 80s of the last century. But the most important role in preventing lead exposure remains the foundation, and governments should be as concerned as they deserve, especially since children absorb more lead from adults, either via the airway or through the digestive tract, from lead products are used as containers for food Beverages.
Governments must be strictly unable to establish factories near residential areas but also raise awareness of the dangers of lead and its impact on the body and also write the ingredients of all products and the ratio of lead in them and must not contain any containers used in food and beverages, Marbles.

– Consultation pediatrics

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