News in Bugatti Bay is a small real car for rich children

After offering the most expensive car in history, Bugatti re-creates a car designed for rich children who have already done the same and have modern specifications.

The French car manufacturer Bugatti seems to have broken its old archive for the 110th anniversary of the company, commemorating the popular 35 racing model, inspired by Bugatti Small 2 or Bugatti Baby 2, for rich children.

In 1926, on his fourth birthday, Ituri Bugatti produced a small 35-year-old car for his youngest son, Roland, but when many rich customers saw the car, they wanted to make their own children, increasing the number of Bugatti 1 cars in 1927. By 1936 up to 500 cars.

The company is reviving a small Bugatti model on a very limited scale (only 500 cars), but with new specifications, the most important of which is an electric car with a replaceable lithium-ion battery, designed by and Sun's newspaper.

The little Bugatti 2 will be about three quarters of the size of the original 35, so adults can drive.

The car is equipped with an electric motor, more options and preferences to control its capabilities, such as "child", where the vehicle does not exceed 20 km, "adult" and 45 km per hour.

More speed is available by selecting a "speed button" where speed limits are removed in this option.

A vehicle that is not considered to be normal in the streets is equipped with brakes to generate batteries for charging.

The price of the "small Bugatti 2" is estimated at approximately $ 34,000, which is "very low" compared to the black "La Vojtur Noir" recently announced and worth more than $ 12 million

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