The Euro raises its breath when the British exit crisis over the markets

LONDON (Reuters) – The growing uncertainty over Britain's exit from the EU lagged on Friday in the 1990s when the euro traded with the dollar in a tight span, and was just looking forward to demand for currencies that are considered safe.

Sterling settled some losses on Friday when British Prime Minister Teresa Mae stuck to her proposals. On Thursday, Sterling suffered the worst daily performance since 2016 after the resignation of several British ministers against British leaving the European Union.

The euro traded against the dollar against $ 1.1336, while the dollar index, which measures the dollar's performance against a basket of currencies, did not see a change to 96.954, close to the six-month high of 97.69 recorded earlier in the week.

Only the currency, the safe currency, rose to 113.22 yen against the dollar, which rose by 0.3 percent during the session because turbulence over the British split led to investors turning to the Japanese currency.

Only on Monday he had spent a six-week low course of 114.20 yen before returning to the course.

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