The Missing Persons Act is not confused with the question of detainees in Syrian prisons

Leader of Lebanese Phalange MP Sami Gemayel said during an intervention during the evening legislative session: "The party reaffirms full support for the adoption of the law missing from violence because we understand the suffering of their parents and their deep wounds, this move was postponed for 28 years.

He added: "In all countries of the world, we will adopt mechanisms for transitional justice, which did not happen in Lebanon, we are taking this step because it says it is better than we do today to not do it at all.

He hoped that "this issue will not be confused with the question of prisoners in Syrian prisons, especially that some politicians have relations with the Syrian state, including legal relations, and that through these relations they can resolve this matter and detain detainees in Syrian prisons under the dean of the detained parties Phalange, "he said.

MP Nadim Gemayel, who spoke at the evening meeting of the Commission on the follow-up of the issue of missing persons in Cyprus and how she managed to find more than 85 percent of the missing Cypriots and Turks. "

"We have met with many missing people and are not in the process of digging graves, but it is part of great reconciliation," he said.

He proposed "the initiative to write on one of the walls of Beirut the names of all Christian and Muslim victims of war to overcome wars."

Leader Phalange, in a statement during the legislative session that took place in the morning, stressed that "Treasury data released in the first six months of 2018 showed that state revenues were reduced as costs and deficits," demanding "suicide because Lebanon at the door economic crisis Historical and we can not postpone the founding of the government. "

He said, "Because the crisis is political and can not form a government of national unity, technical, economic and life sets should be separated from political differences and the immediate creation of a government of experts who look at economic and economic clusters.

"Lebanon has died, the country of the president, in a short period of time we can not create a government, and it has been happening for some time. Lebanon needs structural change and this change must be discussed in the presence of all the leaders and parliamentary blocs.

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