The weather is cloudy with high clouds … And what about the heat?

The meteorological department of the Civil Aviation Department predicts that tomorrow will be a tommorow tomorrow with medium and high clouds with an additional and limited drop in temperature in the mountains and mist in the highlands, expected by the mild rain scattered at night. The following bulletin states:

– General: Stable weather controls the eastern basins of the Mediterranean Sea until midnight, where it is gradually influenced by the fall of air, which leads to fluctuations in weather and sometimes rain.

– Expected weather in Lebanon: Tuesday: Partly cloudy with high clouds at low temperatures, afternoon in the highlands cloudy and fog.

Wednesday: Cloudy with medium and high clouds, with low and limited temperatures in the mountains and mist in the highlands, is expected to rain in the night.

Thursday: Cloudy with a slight change in temperature on the coast while continuing on the mountains and the interior are scattered showers and sometimes active winds accompanied by lightning and thunder and snow is expected in the mountains.

– Expected temperatures: On the coast from 11 to 24 degrees, above the mountains from 11 to 20 degrees, within 8 to 23 degrees.

– Wind: west to northwest, southeast at night, from 8 to 25 km / h.

– Resurrection: Good on the coast worsens in the high mountains in the evening due to fog.

– Relative humidity on the coast: between 50 and 75 percent.

– Sea status: Low wave. Water surface temperature: 23 degrees.

– Atmospheric pressure: 764 mm Hg.

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