ECB President: Eurozone threats are on the rise, but the economy will continue to grow

In recent years, which has stimulated the European economy, the ECB is gradually reducing its active purchasing program, while at the same time reducing the confidence of countries in the future of the financial system as a result of slowing growth and emerging conflicts in global trade.

"Although some sectors and study results show signs of weakening the economy, the latest information suggests that both the eurozone and Ireland will continue to grow," said Draghis in the Irish Parliament in Dublin.

Mr Draghis reaffirmed that the ECB will close the active buying program by the end of the year and warns of threats that the central bank of the eurozone can not control.

"Protectionism in world trade is not a very serious threat, but business conflicts undermine the confidence of countries and companies in the financial system," said Mr. Draghis, adding that one of the main threats to the eurozone is currently the potential of Brexit without a treaty and financial concern for system stability .

"While there is no evidence that eurozone real estate prices are too high, we see some local threats. However, leverage in euro area monetary policy is inappropriate to include these threats," said Draghis in Dublin.

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