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Egidijus Dragūnas, who has already lost his driving license and was arrested again with officers:

This time he was driving a Mercedes branded car in Antakalnis, according to a famous police officer who ran E. Draguns at 16:30 and knew he had no right to drive because he had to leave the car, E. Dragūnas left the car and fled.

Later, the artist returned with a friend and began to believe that he was not a driver, but a friend, though the officers clearly saw the singer sitting on the steering wheel.

We recall that Egidijus Dragūnas decided last year to get rid of the rights to proceedings for a year and to impose a fine of 300 euros.

This time, according to the law on administrative offenses, he is fined from 450 to 700 euros.

DELFI recalls that the artist was last seized while driving on the Šilutė highway and led the cabriolet. Sources then claimed that at that time 0.71 was found for him (according to other sources, the ester showed 0.78 promiles) drunk.

According to the people who watched this event, the then orange Lamborghini, who was repeatedly exposed to fans on social networks and vehicles, and two police cars, was captured by reader DELFI Tom, a citizen of Klaipeda, who then passed and sent shots. According to DELFI, it was previously stated that on the Vėžaičiai-Klaipėda road, this car was in an emergency and dangerously maneuvered.

According to LNK, along with E. Draguns, a young child was also in the car. As KET says, drive the vehicle when drunk (light drunkenness (more than 0.4 promile, but no more than 1.5 million) Leads to a fine of 300 to 450 € for the driver to depart from 1 to 1.6 m .

The right to drive was only delayed by the singer at the beginning of last year. Already on December 9, 2015, when the artist-driven car was stopped, he got drunk for 1.65. After losing his right to drive for several years, he had to pass a driving test again and get a driving license. After communicating with the media, the interpreter said that she feels a great responsibility for her actions and admits her guilt.

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